Strange Unique and Bizarre Experiences

An interactive resource for stories regarding unusual or SUB human sexual experience and preference.

Confidential Fetish Stories
Stories on fetishes in a documentary format. Readers can instantly publish personal fetish experiences at the link above. In this case, "Fetish" is defined as sexual interest and/or infatuation with non-living objects or typically non-sexual body parts.

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Incest stories in a documentary format.  Readers can instantly publish personal incest experiences at the link above. In this case, "Incest" is defined as physically sexual contact of any type with a blood relative.

Exhibitionist Personal Experiences and Editorials
A section to discuss exhibitionism philosophy and share stories.
Readers can freely publish.

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Masturbation Stories - Male and Female Masturbation Stories, Experiences, and Techniques.Free - Anyone can share their own text or read others. You might find the best way to stimulate your clitoris or your penis. It should be said that less formal use words are used, such as: Humping, Jilling Off, Jacking Off, Jerking Off, Wanking, and Fingering. If this type of language is offensive to you, you may not want to go to this part of the site.