Questions on Male Puberty and Development

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(1f) Q: What is "Puberty" and what causes it?
556 A:     Puberty is the process that occurs when a child grows into a sexually mature individual. Puberty is caused by a secretion of hormones. Hormones are natural signaling chemicals that actually cause bodily changes and growth in skin, hair, bones, organs, and muscles. First, areas in the brain called the Hypothalamus and the Pituitary Gland send growth hormone signals the testicles or ovaries which causes the secretion of sex characteristic hormones. Boys produce testosterone (or androgens) in the testicles and girls produce estrogens in the ovaries. These androgen or estrogen hormones cause males and females to develop differently.

(2f) Q:   When does puberty begin?
557 A:     Puberty begins sometime usually between ages 11-15 for boys and somewhat earlier for girls (ages 9-13). Some people begin later and some earlier. Every individual human body is unique and develops at different times and rates. Early developers and late developers can have some worries about what is or is not happening. There should be no need for any real worry until at least the later teens. If you are still worried after reading this, a call to your doctors office will surely end any unwanted fears. There is nothing wrong with asking to speak to a doctor. They get questions about these types of things very frequently. It's not nearly as embarrassing as it may seem at first. Everyone has had concerns about their puberty process regardless if they are late or early developers.
(3f) Q:  What should I expect physically during puberty?
558 A: IN MALES - Development of hair around the penis and testicles, increase in penis size, descending and increased size of testicles, hair under the arms, facial hair, hair on the lower stomach, deepening of the voice, possible voice cracking (brief periods of high pitched tone in voice), possible chest hair, increase in height, libido development (increased interest or drive for sex or stimulation of the penis), possible increase in facial oils, possible acne, the ability to produce sperm and semen, and the ability to fertilize a female's egg through sexual intercourse.

IN FEMALES - Development of breasts and hips, beginning of a monthly period (cycle where ovulation occurs and bleeding from the uterus/vaginal area also occurs), possible heightened tone of voice, development of hair around the vagina, underarms, possible minor facial hair, increase in height, libido development (increased interest or drive for sex or stimulation of the vagina), possible increase in facial oils, possible acne, and the ability to become pregnant through sexual intercourse with a male.

(4f) Q:   I haven't started puberty yet but all my friends have. What's wrong with me?
559 A:     Most likely, there is nothing wrong. Everyone develops at a different rate and duration. Some develop later than others and there isn't much we can do about it. A counselor can help us overcome stress and anxiety related to late development, but you might not feel the need need professional help at all. Many times, young people get concerned or upset because they have seen others who are more developed than themselves. Even though you may have the beginning signs of puberty, you may still feel behind the others you have seen.
     If you've noticed some pubic hair, body hair, increase in size, etc., then you are probably well on your way to more growth. If you are older than 15-16 years old and have absolutely no signs of puberty, you may want to check with your doctor. Or if you seem to have completely stopped development for the past couple of years, you may want to see your doctor. Often, a simple blood test can answer your questions. If the problem is a low hormone level, a prescription may correct the problem. You may have to wait longer than others to reach full development but there is almost always a solution to this problem. Some people continue to grow until they are in their 20s.
(5f) Q: My penis won't grow. What do I do now?
560 A:   Unfortunately, there is no quick fix to make your penis grow. If you are a young man (between ages 10-15) then you may just have to wait for the growth to happen. If you are older, you may want to see your doctor for a few simple tests to determine if you need a hormone supplement or other treatment. Keep in mind everyone's penis growth takes months and years. It's not going to be noticeable within a day, a week, or one month.
     Do not buy any product you see advertised on the Internet or in magazines. These are scams. You can not add inches to your penis by using lotions, creams, pills, herbs, etc. Be sure to ask your doctor before you try anything to make it grow. Some things can actually do damage.
(6f) Q:   When will I get underarm hair - arm pit hair?
561 A:     On average, underarm hair develops between ages 13-17 but some may not grow underarm hair until much later. In fact, for some, it never grows at all. It's not really a necessary thing to have. It serves no purpose. However, some men become embarrassed to take off their shirts in the pool or at the beach because they either developed underarm hair too early or they don't have it. Some men choose to shave it because they say it is smoother and they sweat less. It should be an issue of little concern. Don't worry about it.
(7f) Q:  What is Adult Mental Puberty?
562 A:      Mental puberty can begin anywhere between the ages of 15 or 16 to the mid 20s. It can last for years and can also stop and start again well into at least middle age. It is the process where the sex drive and desire become more developed. Sex or masturbation become not only a source for sex drive relief but also more pleasurable for the act itself. The ability to fantasize more vividly is possible. The desire for sex to last longer is sometimes apparent. Usually, the individual becomes able to enjoy stimulation to the genitals even after orgasm whereas the younger individual normally becomes too sensitive for stimulation after orgasm occurs. The interesting thing about mental puberty is that we have much more conscious control over it's progress than we do during physical puberty. We can learn new lovemaking techniques, ways to prolong orgasm, and increase or imaginative capabilities. Many things are possible in mental puberty and it just makes getting older that much more exciting!
(8f) Q: Is there any way to get more pubic hairs? I am bald and all my friends have them.
563 A:      If you're a young guy, you just have to wait until you develop. If your friends all have pubic hair, it won't be long before you do also. If you are older than 16 and you still don't feel like you're developing properly, you can see your doctor for a blood test and possible prescription treatment. If you are between 12-15, allow your body take time to grow. No matter how old you are, I know there are lots of other guys that also do not have much pubic hair but they may not talk about it openly.
(9f) Q: If you masturbate during puberty or before you begin the stages of puberty, will it slow down the growth process or affect the final outcome?
564 A:      No, most people masturbate before puberty. Although you may not be able to feel a full orgasm before puberty, it is perfectly normal to find masturbation of the genitals pleasurable. Masturbation can occur at any age including during the very young infant and toddler stages. Puberty is caused by a secretion of hormones from the brian. The brain is pre-programmed to initiate puberty regardless of external sexual experiences.
(10f) Q:   I'm 15 years old and I haven't seen a change in my penis size in a long time. I was curious if it will still grow?
565 A:     It might grow some more. It is impossible to say for sure.
(11f) Q:   All I think about is sex. I want to do it but I'm only 11. What can I do?             
566 A:     Your at that age now where these things starts to happen. It's totally normal to be curious about sex -- just don't let it overwhelm you. Believe it or not, many other people have the same problem you mentioned. I usually becomes more controllable as you mature. What I do is get involved in other activities such as rollerblading, skateboarding, other sports, etc. Also, computers offer a whole world of activities if you take the time to explore beyond sexual topics online. You have to channel your energy and thoughts into something besides sexual thoughts. It's natural to think about sex but remember that life is also full of other fascinating things besides sex.
(12f) Q:  I don't masturbate at all. Is there anything wrong with me.             
567 A:      No. There is nothing wrong you. It is true that most adults have done it or do it regularly. However, it is not true that everyone does it. Some surveys have been known to say that 99% of males masturbate and the other 1% are lying. This is a myth. 99% of males do not masturbate regularly. These days, it is more "popular" to say that you have masturbated because people do not want to feel left out of the "majority". But I would say a more realistic figure is that about 85-90% of males that have passed the onset of puberty masturbate. However, it's a very personal thing. There is no need to be in the "majority". You can do it before puberty, during puberty, after puberty, in adulthood, in old age, or  not at all.

(13f) Q:   At what age can ejaculation first occur? Can it be before the onset of puberty?
568 A: It can occur before you have pubic hair or other signs of puberty.

(14f) Q:   I am 15 and I have a good amount of pubic hair and the penis has seemed to be growing, but I have little under arm hair. When will it grow more?
569 A: Within the next couple of years.
(15f) Q:   I am 14 and I am very skinny but have a big belly. Is it just baby fat?
570 A: It could be any number of things including "baby fat". Without an examination, it would be impossible to say for sure.
(16f) Q:   Is there an age limit on buying condoms? If so what is it?
571 A: I have never heard of an age limit on buying condoms anywhere. But I guess it depends on what state/province/country you are located.
(17f) Q:   I am 15 and I have almost no hair in my armpit, or below my belly button, or chest. Is there something wrong with me? Should I see a doctor? I do have hair on my balls and butt. Should I be worried?
572 A: The fact that you are developing hair on your testicles is a good sign of growth. I wouldn't say it is necessary that you go to the doctor now. You can if you want to go, especially if you think it will help ease your mind. But I would wait until you are over 16 before you start to be concerned about your development. You might just be a few months away from more growth. Hair development is different in everyone. Some people have a lot and others have less -- which is not a good or bad thing. It doesn't mean anything except that you have less hair. If you get older and have developmental concerns, a doctor can perform a testosterone level test to see if your hormone levels are OK. Right now, you might just have to wait and give your body a change. Age 15 is really a tough age to be able to answer these questions because I know there are other young men your age that appear to be "fully" developed. However, there are also many guys in the same position as you at age 15.
(18f) Q:   I'm 16 years old and I passed puberty. But I have very very little arm pit and pubic hair. How to make it grow naturally? My penis is small and going to the left curving what should I do? When I masturbate, I have very little precum coming out.
573 A: (1) I'm not really sure you can force it to grow "naturally". It sounds to me like you are just in the middle of normal growing. However, if you are still uncomfortable with your level of development, the only thing I can suggest is to see a doctor and have a hormone test. There are medications which can help your growth if you truly do have a medical problem. (2) The fact that you have some hair is a good sign that you are growing. If you do not notice any more changes over the next several months, you might want to consider seeing a doctor for the hormone (testosterone) test. (3) There is nothing wrong with having a curved penis. About 30% of all males have a curve. (4) The fact that you have very little pre-cum is not a problem to worry about at all. Some males produce extra pre-ejaculatory fluid (precum) that can be seen coming out of the tip of the penis and others do not.
(19f) Q:   I don't know whether or not I am in puberty yet, but for the first time, I ejaculated thick clear liquid. Before, whenever I masturbated, I usually ejaculated drops of clear and very much not thick liquid. This time, I ejaculated a large amount of thick clear liquid. What is the difference? What is it? What does it mean?
574 A: The consistency of the semen varies from time to time -- especially as you are growing. It even varies in fully grown males, in some cases It is the normal fluctuations of the body, which many different factors influence. Semen can range from clear to white to yellowish (and any combination). It can be watery or jelly-like.
(20f) Q:   I'm age 15 (turning 16) and while I was reading some of the guys below my age (age 13 and 14 year olds) I noticed that they are asking that is 6 inch small? I only have 4½ inch but I have a lot of hair. do you think that my penis can grow as 6 inches?
575 A: (1) Most people have no idea how to measure anything, let alone a penis. (2) A lot of people just "estimate" and they are actually way off. (3) It depends on where you measure from and how you are positioned (e.g., sitting, standing, or laying down). (4) Some people that write to this website are not from English speaking nations or they may not use English measurements, so they think a centimeter is the same as an inch. (5) It depends if you measure along the side of the penis, the top of the penis, or the bottom of the penis. (6) I think your penis can grow in time.
(21f) Q:   Is it true that briefs slow down growth down-there?
576 A:  Not really, but it is not good to wear briefs that are extremely tight because they can reduce circulation. Very tight briefs can also reduce sperm production, which is only important if you are trying to reproduce. Usually when the man begins to wear loose fitting clothing, he produces more sperm no matter how long he wore tight clothes in the past.

577 Q:   I am not sure whether I am in puberty yet, but does ejaculating thick clear liquid mean that I have started? Is it ok for me, a 13 year old, to masturbate and ejaculate everyday?
It sounds like you have past the puberty starting point. It's up to you to decide whether you want to masturbate every day. Some people do it every day and others do it more or less often than that. As a young man, you have to decide what you feel comfortable with. Balance and moderation are important but everyone has their own personal limits.
578 FOLLOW-UP Q:   I am following up on my last question. What I wanted to find out was if it was ok (in a health way) for me to masturbate everyday at the age of 13.
A: Your original question was very clear. I know what you are trying to ask. But there is no "medical" or "psychiatric" answer for your question. Masturbation is not an exact science, so it really depends on each individual. Plenty of people masturbate every day (or more than once per day) and have no problem with it. Others think this amount is way too much and unhealthy. But these are all opinions. Please see Frequent Masturbation for more information.

(23f) Q:   I am 15 , how often should I get a physical exam, and what should I expect during the exam?
579 A: I would get one once per year if you want to be really safe. However, I don't think most people do. What you can expect really depends on what doctor you go to for the exam. Some are more thorough than others and there are many different methods.

(24f) Q:   If I shave the hair on my penis will it grow back faster and thicker and is it normal to have hair on your penis
580 A: Yes, it is normal to have hair on the penis. If you shave it, it will feel like it is growing back as coarser and rougher hair because the ends of the hairs will be sharp as they grow back. However, after a few weeks, it should be the way it was before.

(25f) Q:   I am 15 years old, How big should my testes be?
581 A: About ½  inch to 1½ inches in length. Even larger or smaller than that is within normal variation of size. At age 15, they can be fully grown or they may not have grown yet at all.

(26f) Q:   I'm a 17 year old male and I am very frustrated because it seems that all my friends have completed puberty but I have not. This past year, I have had a growth spurt and grew a few inches but my penis does not seem to have gotten any bigger. For the past few months, I have had pubic hair at the base of my penis and a little on my scrotum. I also have a little amount of hair on my anus and tiny hairs under my armpits. Is this normal for me to be this delayed and is there any thing that I should do about it like see my doctor?
582 A: You are a late bloomer, but it sounds to me like you are growing at a good pace at this point. The growth will take months (and years) rather than days. Unfortunately, you will have to be patient even if you do go to the doctor. There is no harm in seeing a doctor about this problem, but does sound like you are growing now. I do understand how development can be very frustrating for both late developers and early developers. Nobody seems to be exactly "on time" -- the way they would like to be.

(27f) Q:   Could drinking alcohol before someone has gone through puberty delay or effect puberty?
583 A: Alcohol affects almost every organ in the body, including the sexual systems. The best advice is to use alcohol in very small amounts or not at all. We see news articles that say a glass of wine or beer every day is good for the health. Unfortunately, these statements are supported by studies paid for by alcohol corporations that want to promote their products as "healthy". In reality, alcohol actually does much more harm than good. Any of the small possible beneficial effects of alcohol can be obtained through a variety of other methods such as eating red grapes, drinking juices instead or soda, and light to moderate exercise. Since it is generally not very good for the body due to its dehydrating and denaturing effects on the cells, I would say it may slow or hinder development in puberty or before puberty. However, most light drinkers rarely have any problems with alcohol. But moderate drinkers increase their risks of alcohol related problems, including developmental problems. And heavy drinkers encounter a variety of problems from alcohol in one way or another at some point in their life.

(28f) Q:   I am 14 years old and I have a very small 3 inch penis. I'm afraid that it might not grow because its been that size ever since I was in fourth grade. How do I enlarge it?
584 A: Actually, three inches isn't that small for a 14 year old. But it will grow on its own in time. Give yourself at least another year or so for growth.

(29f) Q:   I have just turned 13. How do you masterbate? Should I start now or when I am older?
585 A: You should do whatever feels comfortable to you. There is no "need" to start masturbation at any particular age. I'm not going to go into details on this page because it is a forum for questions and answers, rather than descriptions of masturbation techniques. But basically, males masturbate by stroking their penis up and down with their hand(s). There is a wide variety of methods. You just have to do whatever feels natural. When the time is right, the urge to do it will let you know. There is nothing wrong with waiting until you are older for masturbation or sex. In fact, in most cases, it is best to wait.

(30f) Q:   Is it possible to get something out of masturbation before penis growth or full puberty.
586 A: Yes, even toddlers masturbate sometimes. The majority of people have masturbated before puberty. On the other hand, as far as I can personally remember, I didn't get much out of it before puberty -- but many other people do.

(31f) Q:   I have a little pubic hair, my testicles have dropped, and I am 5'6. How long until I can actually masturbate with a result?
587 A: Unfortunately, that is a question nobody can tell you the answer to. However, it probably will be within the next year or so.

(32f) Q:   I am 16, 17 in 30 days. And my penis has started to get a little wider I think. And probably 2 cm. longer, if not bigger. But, I was under the impression that after like, 15 the penis doesn't have such spurts in growth. I would also like to ask why when I masterbate, it feels like my penis head is about to explode sometimes. I only masterbate or get head once a week.
588 A: I think you will be OK. It can grow after 15. I never heard of a penis head actually exploding beyond repair.

(33f) Q:   Why is it that every morning I wake up, I have the biggest boner, and it wont go down until I masterbate?
589 A: Your complaint is a common problem that many men notice. For some guys, it is particularly embarrassing if they share a room with a brother(s), roommate(s), or they are in boarding school or the military. However, the morning erection is just one of those things many guys have to deal with. Many times men find that they do not actually have to masturbate for the erection to go down. If you urinate, it may cause the penis to become flaccid after a few moments. However, more than one scientific study I have read say that a significant portion of men are at their sexual peak in the mornings, after they wake up.
(34f) Q:   I am 14 years old. I masturbate and nothing comes out. I do orgasm, but I have nothing. Does this mean there is something wrong? Or am I not far enough through puberty to have cum.
590 A: Most likely, you are just not far enough along in development to have enough semen for ejaculations you may have read about. Plus, if you are really worrying about this, anxiety can prevent the natural process of relaxing enough to ejaculate. Don't worry about this issue, and it will solve itself with time and growth.
(35f) Q:   Could smoking marijuana before one has gone through puberty slow down the process or delay puberty?
591 A: Yes, several studies have concluded that this is true. It can also cause mental and emotional delay when used regularly.
(36f) Q:   I'm 13, and sometimes I masturbate and for fun. I like to rub my nipples. But now when I rub my nipples, I feel a lump in them, and it hurts. Is this normal?
592 A: During puberty, it is normal to notice changes in the male nipples, including what might feel like a lump. If the pain becomes severe, you may wish to contact a doctor.
(37f) Q:   Recently a thin and clear liquid has come out of my penis. I am 15, but still short and thin. I have not had my first "ejaculation". Is this pre-cum? If not, what is it? If it is, does that mean that I may start ejaculation soon?
593 A: The clear liquid is probably what you think it is (pre-cum). You may start to ejaculate soon, probably within the next year.
(38f) Q:   I am 13 years old and I have tried masturbating and nothing happened. How long does it take for a orgasm?
594 A: It can take a while. I wouldn't worry about it. Sooner or later, it will happen naturally. You might not experience orgasm or ejaculation until you get older, and that is OK.
(39f) Q:  Is it true that Viagra can make the penis grow faster?
595 A: No, Viagra does not cause penis growth in any way. Viagra is an anti-impotence drug that helps proper blood flow within the penis.
NAME:   (Anonymous)
596 Q:   I'm am now 16. It has always taken a long time to grow and what not, and I was just wondering if there was some kind of problem or condition. I started getting a deeper voice when I was like 14-15....I have a lot of pubic hair and normal facial hair that I shave once a week. i'm actually pretty tall now and filled out but nothing at all has happened to my penis and it kinda embarrassing.What's wrong?
A: Maybe you are not finished puberty yet. You are showing signals of definite growth, which is a good sign more is to come soon. However, if you see no growth within the next year, you may wish to contact a doctor.

NAME:   concerned mom
597 Q:   My 10 yr old son has been masturbating frequently, which I know is normal, but I was told last night, that he came out of the bathroom with lotion and said to the kids there, hey guys look at this. He then put it on his penis and began to masturbate. He has done this a couple of other times. These are little girls he did this in front of and of course his brothers. I kinda think he may need counseling, but I am afraid of child and family services being told, ( I don't believe its that serious) So I am asking for advice of what to do or say to him. I am at a loss!
A: What you described is not normal or acceptable masturbation in society. He needs to be told to not touch himself unless it is in privacy  -- like a bedroom or bathroom with a closed door. The penis is a private part which is not meant to be exposed to other unwilling kids. He is a 10 year old boy not a 3 year old boy. Tell him to grow up before his peers or the law gives him a rude awakening. After he starts puberty (age 11-15), he can be held legally responsible for these actions in many jurisdictions.

NAME:   Mr English
598 Q:   I am now a 15 yr old male and have had no signs of puberty starting at all, I have also got breasts and I am very worried. I also get teased at school after gym when I shower. I have herd of a hormonal treatment that a doctor can prescribe. Is this OK and do you know of any side effects it could have?
A: If you are almost 16 and do not notice any growth, you will want to consult a doctor. Tests can be done to see if you are going to start puberty soon or if you need hormonal treatment. Side effects are not usually a concern if the drugs are prescribed by a doctor that monitors the situation. Don't order any pills or supplements from the Internet or magazines. They are scams. See a real doctor instead.

NAME:   Jamko
599 Q:   I remember that since my puberty, I have had nocturnal emissions 4 times or 5 times, but I masturbate? Is it normal not to have nocturnal emissions?
A: It is normal either to not have them or to not realize you are having the nocturnal emission because the semen may dry before you wake up. If you do masturbate, it is definitely less likely that you will have nocturnal emissions (wet dreams).

NAME:   Euphi
600 Q:   I have to go see a doctor about my growth tomorrow. Will the doctor be able to tell if I masterbate?
A: No, he will not be able to tell if you do or how much you do it. However, medically speaking, masturbation is accepted as a normal part of life. See for more.

NAME:   Jaren
601 Q:   When I masturbated for about 10 minutes I think, I'm not real sure about the time, there was a clear water like liquid that kinda smelt like urine. Is this normal? If it is pre - come, shouldn't it be a whitish - yellow color like regular ejaculatory liquid ?
A: Pre-ejaculatory  (pre-come) fluid is usually clear and slippery.

NAME:   (Anonymous)
602 Q:   Is it unusual for someone's penis to point straight up at the age of 15? If so, how unusual?
A: No. It is really not unusual at all. Some point straight out, some point up, some down, some to the left, and others to the right.

NAME:   (Anonymous)
603 Q:   I am a 14 year old male. My nipples have recently gotten swollen, and I sometimes secrete a little milk-like substance. Is this normal during puberty?
A: Yes, this can happen during puberty. Many young men are alarmed at first because this does not happen to every man during puberty. However, as the body changes and attempts to strike a hormonal balance within itself, the situation you described can occur. It will not last forever.

NAME:   Nico
604 Q:   I am almost 16, and I have quite a bit of hair around my testicles, but I have no hair under my arms. I am worried I am not growing fast enough!
A: The fact that you are growing hair around your testicles is a sure sign that you are changing. You may be a late developer. Underarm hair can come in the later stages of puberty. Some men may not even notice much at all throughout their life. If you do not notice any more bodily growth within the next year, you may want to consider going to a doctor for a check-up. Like I said above, you are showing positive signs of growth, so you may not have any problem other than just being a little late in development.

NAME:   (Anonymous)
605 Q:   I'm am only 14 years old and my penis is 5½ inches soft and around 9 inches hard. Is this abnormal?
A: It is not "abnormal", but it is "unusual" to be that big. Are you sure you are measuring in inches and not centimeters? Please see: Penis Length FAQs
606 FOLLOW-UP Q:  You told me above that it wasn't abnormal but it was unusual. My question is that since I'm am only 14, will my penis continue to grow?
A: Most likely, it is nearly finished growing or you are probably fully grown now. It sounds to me like you are just an early developer if that measurement is in inches.

NAME:   Tom
607 Q:   I want to talk to my son about Puberty. Any Ideas on how I can get a conversation started?
A: Getting the conversation started is the trick to open communication. Find out what he knows about puberty first. You can start by asking him what he knows about the process a boy goes through when he develops. You may not want to use the words "puberty" or "sex" at first because it is a bit direct. Stick with "development" and "becoming a young man" instead of the "P" word. Ask what his teachers or his friends have already told him. That will at least break the ice. You will find out how willing he is to talk about it, and you can go from there. The following question is philosophical and has no right or wrong A: "Exactly when does a boy physically become a young man?" or "What has to happen for a boy to become a young man?" Let him know you just want to find out his opinion. It is not a test. Some people may answer; "when he becomes fully grown"; some may say "when he can reproduce"; others may say "sometime in the late teens". Your son may say he doesn't know, but try to get him to think about it. On the other hand, he may already know more about it than most adults!
You may want to run a search on by clicking on the following link: how to talk to your kids about puberty.

NAME:   (Anonymous)
608 Q:   When I'm in the school locker room, all my friends take showers except for me. I'm a little embarrassed but I really want to because that's when they talk about things like size and girls. I kinda feel like I'm missing out. Any ideas on how to feel less embarrassed?
A: I was embarrassed  to do that sort of thing too, and I couldn't figure out why. However, I found out, as I got older, that I really wasn't missing much.

NAME:   man of the day
609 Q:   I am 13, and haven't had a wet dream yet, but I am well into puberty because I have a larger penis than most of my friends, and have plenty of pubic hair. Is it bad that I haven't had a wet dream yet, and if so, what should I do about it?
A: You don't have to do anything about it. Wet dreams are not a requirement for normal development. If you masturbate, wet dreams may not happen very frequently or at all. --- And you might have had wet dreams at some point, but the semen can dry up before you wake up. Also, there is not always dried evidence of stains or residue of a wet dream.

NAME:   (Anonymous)
610 Q: I have some unnoticeable hair on the penis itself. Is that normal?
A: Absolutely. Most men develop hair on the penis shaft at some point in their developmental life. Sometimes it becomes noticeable and other times it is hardly noticeable at all. Some men choose to trim it or shave the hair while others prefer to leave it grow there naturally. I must also mention for other readers that it is OK if no hair grows on the penis. Having either hair or no hair on the penis is natural and normal.

NAME:   (Anonymous)
612 Q:   How will I know when I have finished puberty? Are there any signs?
A: When you reach a height growth spurt, your penis becomes near the adult length, and most importantly, you will notice body hair that you did not have when you where a little boy.

NAME:   Jon Doe
613 Q:   (1) I am starting to get a lot of hair around my penis and under my arms but no other signs of puberty. Does that mean I have started? (2) The skin under my testes has a dark red spot that really hurts some of the time. What could cause that?
A: (1) Yes, it means you have started puberty. (2) Maybe you should see a doctor if you are in pain.

NAME:   s
614 Q:   I'm 18, and I've used marijuana and alcohol heavily for about two or more years. I have a really small penis (3 inches), and my voice is barely starting to change. Will my penis get any larger and long will it take?
A: If you're doing drugs (alcohol included), it can slow the growth process. However, quitting (or at least cutting down by about 90%), can improve your chances of further growth. At age 18, it may be a good idea to see a doctor if you feel your development is not what you think it should be. The cause of your delayed development can be caused by any number of reasons (most are correctable). Keep in mind that a flaccid penis of three inches is normal. An erection of three inches means you probably still have more growing in the future -- if you look into possible reasons for your lack of growth by seeking professional help. Unfortunately, I have no idea how long it will take for more growth to take place.

NAME:   (Anonymous)
615 Q:   What does "balls dropped" mean and what exactly happens?
A: It means the testicles descend fully into the scrotum during puberty and begin to produce sperm around the same time.

NAME:   Virile
047 Q:   I am 12 going on 13 and my penis is nearly six inches long. I started puberty about a year and a half ago. how long can I expect my penis to get?
A: I don't know, but it's probably almost done growing. You're just an early developer.

029 Q:   I'm 14 and I have think i'm a late developer because I only have pubic hair around the base of my penis and a few specs above, it has been like this for about a year now and it doesn't seem to be getting any thicker, I regularly smoke and take drugs like hash, speed and ketamine, I haven't smoked hash in months but I want to know if these drugs may have delayed my development,i have been doing this since I was 12 and I would like to know why I have a scar like line going from my penis, on my balls until my anus is this normal? I have facial hair on my upper lip and a little on my lower lip and one more thing (i'm sorry for asking a lot of questions) why don't I ever get acne, I have had about 2 spots in all my life and why do I have little bumps on my penis and little bumps on the top of my arms and legs, and I think that i'm starting to grow breast, all these things are embarrassing because I think that my girlfriend will want to do stuff to my in the pubic region instead of just me to hers pretty soon
A: Other than your drug use, your development sounds normal for a 14 year old. I don't think it's a good idea to continue a lifestyle in the drug culture for various reasons, including your concerns about slowed physical development.

NAME:   randy
038 Q:   Is it possible to get pimples on your penis or balls?
A: Yes, especially during puberty and pubic and testicle hair development.

NAME:   Joe
043 Q:   I am 13 and haven't grown much, when I masturbate a little of this clear stuff oozes out, but I don't really Ejaculate, why.
A: You're just not quite developed enough yet. It will happen when the time it right. Some young men do not fully ejaculate until age 15 or 16 and that can be just normal for those individuals.

NAME:   Joe
067 Q:   I recently told you that when I masturbate a little of this clear liquid oozes out of my penis but I don't really ejaculate. you said that I was not fully developed yet, but I do have wet dreams. Can you still have wet dreams and not be fully developed yet.
A: Absolutely. I think you will notice that in time, your body will respond more like you've heard other guy's bodies do. Most likely, these changes will happen within the next year or so. However, it is impossible to say exactly when.

NAME:   Steve
062 Q:   I am 14. Will weight lifting affect my groth in any way? Will it affect my testosterone development in my body? If so what kind of effects will it have on me?
A: Weight lifting is very good exercise for the muscles and development if done in moderation. It is important to set personal goals, build muscle over time, concentrate on diet, and avoid taking steroids or massive amounts of nutritional supplements. In my opinion, age 14 is just fine to start a weight lifting program.

NAME:   (Anonymous)
069 Q:   I'm 15 and I have a 5½ inch erect penis, is that small for my age, and when I masterbate, barely and cum comes out.
A: Sounds like a normal and developing 15 year old to me. As you get older, you will notice your body will respond more like you expect.

NAME:   joseph
070 Q:   I just turned 16. my penis is about 6 inches long. also, I feel like that I have gone through a lot of puberty. like facial hair and that kind of things. but my penis and testicles don't seem like they are that big compared to my dads. and my balls haven't really dropped yet. do u think that they still will, and my penis will get larger?
A: If it is 6 inches long, it's OK the way it is anyway. I think you'll be just fine. More growth may happen.

NAME:   mike
071 Q:   Is it normal that I am 15 and my balls are saggy.
A: Yes. That happens as you become developed.

NAME:   (Anonymous)
074 Q:   I'm 15 and I have a 4 inch erect penis and I have no pubic I a late developer or is it normal for my age.
A: It is both normal and late. Lots of developmental variation occurs among males that are age 15. You are at the later end of the scale. However, that just means you will probably be growing more in the near future. If you do not notice any changes over the next year, you may wish to consult a physician.

NAME:   Growing
081 Q:   I'M 13 YEAS OLD AND HAVE DARK hair beginning to grow in the pubic area, on my face, and on my stomach. I have no under arm hair and like a 2 a half inch erect penis.I'm also only like 4ft8 and a half. am I behind
A: No. That sounds about average.

NAME:   15 year old
086 Q:   If you masterbate before you been through puberty will it effect the size of your penis?
A: No.

NAME:   (Anonymous)
099 Q:   Is it true that if you masterbate before you go in to puberty your penis will be bigger than if you don't
A: No

NAME:   a guy
105 Q:   I'm 15 years old an I masterbate on average 2 times a day. When I masterbate I ejaculate a more of a clear with a white tint kind of semen is this normal? i'm only like 4 - 4½ inches is this normal? Can excessive masterbation have side effects??
A: It is definitely safe to say you are normal, just as long as you don't waste too much overall time masturbating.

NAME:   (Anonymous)
107 Q:   I'm 15 years old and in the middle of school I just have random erections, does this mean that my penis is growing? How do u know if you are a premature ejaculator? i'm scared that my penis wont grow anymore it is like 5 inches, and I think that I have a low sperm count? is there something wrong?
A: A sperm count can only be determined by a scientific test kit or in a laboratory. If you're 15, you're penis is probably still growing. However, the random erections you experience in school are known as "spontaneous erections" and this happens to all males at one time or another. As you get older they won't occur randomly as quite as often as you have them now, but sometimes an erection just pops up at any age for no apparent reason. All other guys know it happens because they get them too, and girls just don't have a clue about it, so don't feel paranoid that people can tell you have an erection.

NAME:   Alvin
122 Q: I just turned 15 years old. I do not have any underarm hair. My penis is 5½ inches. I do not have any facial hair. I started getting hair around my penis when I was about 13½ years old. My legs have just started to get hairy. My voice has only just started to deepen. Am I a early developer, a late developer or normal for my age? If I am early or late how many years am I behind the average?
A: It sounds to me like you are right in the middle of normal male growth. Your development is within average range -- but maybe a tiny bit later than average. However, you're later within a range of several months to a year -- not even more than about 12 to 18 months later than average. In other words, I would say you do not fully qualify as a "late bloomer". Much of your development is right on time, and I think you will continue to grow at a normal rate over the next two to four years.
NAME:   O'Leary
128 Q:   I'm 13 and I masturbate 2-3 times a day. It doesn't come in the way of my social or physical well-being but I thing it's very odd in my age. I am more physically and mentally mature then most kids in my grade, but I'm afraid that I'm obsessed by the same. How can I judge if I'm obsessed by masturbation?
A: Early maturing individuals often have to deal with these types of issues. You're probably not obsessed in an abnormal way. It's just that the other guys your age are not quite there yet and you are going through stages earlier than normal. Please just try to hang in there for a while. Things will improve as you get older.
129 Q:
Is it normal that a guy my age (13) gets extensive hair growth on my back, legs, and chest?
A: That is very early development. I would advise you to see a doctor and probably a specialist. Ask about a prescription drug called Lupron (or Leuprolide). You may or may not need it, but write it down and ask about it. There might even be a newer and better medication by now, so be open to any other suggestions for treatment if they say you need it. Age 13 is such a borderline age, there is no way to diagnose you without a physical exam. In reality, there may be nothing wrong with you at all except for the fact that you're an "early bloomer". Everything you described has been known to happen in males as young as 9 or 10. Luckily, you are now 13 and the other guys are not all that far behind you -- even though it may seem like it to you now. But this is really something you should talk to your parents about. You don't have to say anything about masturbation to your parents or doctors if you don't feel comfortable with it. -- Don't worry about your masturbation for now -- If I were you, I would just tell my parents that I'm concerned about the hair on my chest and my back, and I'd like to have it checked out by a doctor. At the very least, have a visit with your school nurse or guidance counselor if you feel more comfortable with them.

NAME:   Teen87
139 Q: I am 16 years old this year. I have the urge to masturbate when I see girls that are pretty or beautiful. Is this wrong to do?
A: It is normal for males to have the urge to masturbate when they see someone attractive. It is OK to masturbate in moderation due to seeing a beautiful person. However, it is important to control yourself and masturbate later on when you have time and privacy. In other words, don't just begin masturbating as soon as you see a pretty girl. Keep the image in your mind for later. Then when you are at home in your bathroom or bedroom, you can think about her and relieve your sexual tension by masturbating.
NAME:   Underground
145 Q:   Does masterbate effect a young teen from growing? some of my friend said that masterbate cause us not to grow taller, is that true?
A: No.
146 Q:   Does too much masterbate cause us to have a baby girl instead of boy? And when does we masterbate to have a baby girl or baby boy? Is there some way to get a baby boy or girl?
A: You need to see a fertility expert. Your questions are specialized medical questions.
147 Q:   How to produce a lot of sperm/cum during masterbation?And how to make it shoot longer in distance?
A: We don't offer instructions or suggestions for that type of thing. It is not necessary to alter the body to produce more or shoot further. You're just fine the way you are.

NAME:   (Anonymous)
172 Q:   Today in the shower I was just playing around with a razor and cut some of my pubic hair off. I am 12 and it was still growing it was barely visible will it grow back or do I need a doctor?
A: It will grow back within the next few weeks (maybe even sooner). No need to see a doctor.

NAME:   jas
207 Q:   I already have facial hairs, hairs on armpits,  and so on. I really don't have any problems with my hair, but how come there are hairs around my ass? I am a 16 year old guy. Is this normal?
A: Yes, that is quite normal. It's just part of being an adult male.

NAME:   (Anonymous)
214 Q: I am 15 years old and my voice hasn't changed yet. I have pubic hair, I am about 5'4, and I do ejaculate a lot of semen when I cum. I want to know if my voice will ever change? and if it will change, when will it change?
A: It will change, and this may not happen until you are 17 or 18, which is perfectly normal. Some male voices change gradually and some change quickly. You may be changing gradually and not noticing it yet.

NAME:   Josh
217 Q:   I'm 14 years old and I have a good lot of pubic hair, and my erect penis is 5 and half inches long but my unerect penis is very small and has not really changed since way before I started puberty. is this ok?
A: Yes, I think that is OK. I also think you will notice more changes in your body and penis within the next two to three years (at least).
218 QUESTION 2:  My nipples are quite large and it hurts when they are pressed because there is a hard bit, I know about this but i've had for way over a year and my chest and nipples are getting bigger, could I be developing breasts?
A: They aren't really breasts. They are more like temporary tissue deposits. In the middle of puberty, there are hormones that cause such changes to take place for the duration of puberty. I believe the hormone is called "Prolactin" that causes this chest problem in some young men. It is not really an abnormal condition. However, you can have your prolactin hormone levels checked by a doctor via a blood test if you feel your condition is painful or unusually long-lasting.

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