What were the circumstances when you lost your virginity?
Or are you still a virgin?
What do you think are the best age or circumstances to have sex?

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SEXUALITY: Heterosexual
TITLE: Bravo9

I actually lost my virginity when I was 7 years old. Terrible, isn't it? I had an older cousin who was about 12 at the time introduce me to it. It felt good and warm. Only later did I realize how early sex stunted my growth. I never had a girlfriend, kissed a woman or even dated until I turned 25. This early sexual episode led to masturbation and a general fear of women. I remember women actually approaching me and wanting to date but I was painfully shy. And it hurt. I just didn't know what to do. After I hit 25, however, I began going out more and finally got lucky. At that point I became quite promiscuous. Wasted many years of running around before I got married. I foolishly was trying to make up for wasted time. The best circumstances are with a wife or husband no matter your age. I was led to believe there was something wrong with me. I was just a late bloomer and actually if I had thought about it had a gift to give my wife. Unfortunately, she gave her gift away in high school so I guess we are somewhat even. I still wonder, though, what it would have been like to have sex as a teenager when your body is at its best and full of energy.

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SEXUALITY: Heterosexual
TITLE: Jake the Snake

I lost my virginity with a high school girlfriend at age 17. We were at my house one night. Ideally, both of you need to be ready & you should be in a place with no one else around and no distractions. At that time, we just used the pull-out method. It was OK for the both of us, but could have been better. Experience really does make a difference. But, there's a first time for everything. So, just enjoy it and DON'T RUSH & DON'T DO ANYTHING YOU'LL REGRET LATER!

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TITLE: Anonymous

I lost my virginity when i was 15. I was at my aunts house for a month durin the summer and I had to stay in my older cousin's(23) room. I knew he was sexually active and all but the second night i was there(he must have thought I was asleep and I was actin like I was)he turned on some porn and started wankin. I didn't say anything. Soon he pulled down the sheets and I saw his 7.5 inch cock! I watched him expload in orgasm. He fell asleep a few minutes after. After that I went off on myself and wanked myself dry! He continued this for a few days. Well later that week he got really brave and brought a girl home. When she saw me she got nervous but he told her that he had been wankin for the whole week and I didn't wake up even through all the moans. "He's a heavy sleeper." Well I sat there and watched them _____ for about 2 hours! I wanked the entire time! Well he didn't bring another girl home but after a couple more days he brought home a guy(Jeff)! I was blown away as i sat there and watched them _____. When they were done Jeff looked over at me and said that he thought i was cute. He even went so far as to ask my cousin if I was gay! Well the next night the same guy came home with him. This time I waited until they were both fully naked and had started to 69. I stood up and asked what they were doin. Well my cousin was at a loss for words. So i got up and went over to his bead and took Jeff's cock in my hand. I started wankin him. My cousin looked at me for a second and then tore off my clothes. Without askin he threw me down on the bed and started to ease his cock into my tight ass. It hurt so bad! After a minute or two the pain turned to pleasure. He _____ me hard until he came in my ass. He pulled out and then Jeff had a turn. When they both finished they said thanks and left the room. I laid there for about 10 minutes and then I got up and walked back to my bed and fell asleep. Needless to say i love to go and stay with my aunt during holidays!

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TITLE: BiMarriedGuy

My virginity was lost somewhere between the ages of 7 and 9 to my next door neighbors (my best friend) older brother. The three of us had gone to the beach and before we left we all took showers to wash off the sand and salt water before heading for home. After his shower JR. (not his real name) went directly to the car while FR. and I splashed around in the shower. One thing led to another and before I knew what was happening we were wrestling in the shower. He was and is to this day a beautiful man and we still talk about that day in the shower at the beach.---- Yes he and I see each other frequently and yes we still have sex together. Fr. is also a Bi Married Guy.

SEXUALITY: Heterosexual
TITLE: big dick

 i lost mine when i was 14 i was at this girls house 4 a party and we got drunk went up 2 her room and she jacked me off the i fingered her then sucked her tits and then she put a condom on me and we were about 2 shag then her older sister walked in shut the door and said wot do u think u r doing and we said we wanna have sex so she said hold on a sec she got naked and figered her self y we shaged then i shaged her it was brill and i got one pregnont and we r raseing the kid it was a girl and she butifull

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SEXUALITY: Heterosexual

I lost my virginity to my good friend Kyle. I was living in Alberta for Five years and I knew kyle for 4 of them. He was in my class from grades 6-9. In about grade 8 we started masturbating together. We would always be back to back though, and cum in the bathroom at different times. But last September we began to show each other what we had to offer and we began to rub each other. We had many masturbation sessions from September to July when I moved. It was in July that we lost our virginity to each other. It was a Saturday Night. We were both 14 We just started to masturbate a little when my parents went to bed, but then Kyle stopped stroking me and he looked like he was zoned out for about 10 minutes. I asked him what he was doing and he replied "thinking". Then he got up, locked the door, jumped up on me on the bed (we were both butt naked). I sat up with my legs apart and he got on my lap and wrapped his legs around me. He started to kiss me and i kissed him back. We stroked each other while we did this. then he shifted up a bit and sat on my 5 1/2 inch uncut penis and went down farther until i was almost penetrating him. then he told me to thrust. so i penetrated him and he was moaning and kissing me and licking my face and everything. then i cummed in his anus and we switched positions. he stuck his 4 1/2 inch cut penis into my butt and penetrated me. I loved it. after he cummed, he sucked the cum out of my butt. We just laid there for a minute then we made out again while our penises were softening. We sucked each other for a bit and slept naked after playing Gamecube for a while. I think it is great to lose your virginity to your best friend even when it's a guy.

SEXUALITY: Heterosexual
TITLE: Jimmy

As a virgin, I think that is necessary to be married before you have sex. The life-long advantages of sex after marriage are enourmous. I'm 15, and I'm going to save myself until marriage. As a teen I've fooled around sexually with girls and guys, but I have not lost my virginity, or reputation. Keep the snake under control!

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TITLE: bobby7

As you can see by the #7 above, I have posted quite often to this site. I have used other titles also such as "crossdresser" and "joys of anal". I am still not quite sure how to answer the question about losing my virginity, however, but here goes. The first time I had actual sex with a woman was in college, and I was nineteen. While I occasionally continued to enjoy sex with girls I mostly preferred men. So let's cut to the chase and say that I really lost my cherry when I was fourteen in a bicycle shop by sucking off a man that was at least twice my age. I want to emphasize that this was not abuse in any way. I really wanted it! When I found out just how wonderful getting a hot load of cum in my eager mouth was, I continued to want it! He was also the first guy to suck me off. My first anal was a few months later with a boy in my class in school. It was lots better than the improvised dildos that I had used before and instantly became my favorite. It remains so to this day in my masturbatory activities. The point of all this is that at a very early age I had a good idea of just what I wanted and never had anything forced upon me. I went looking for it and actually losing my virginity was a wonderful experience or series of experiences. If I had it to do over, would I change anything? Yes. I would have had my head put together lots differently so that I could have just been "normal", not so feminine in my orientation and spent my life happily screwing girls. Since that wasn't/isn't possible, I think that I had some really great times and enjoyed myself immensely.

TITLE: Moustache Rhyde

Personaly i myself am a virgin(with the exseption of self pleasureing).At the moment i have set myself a goal to not have sexual intercourse (excludeing masterbation and oral)untill i can support a child.The way i see it i dont want there to be any chance of a kid being mine unless i can support it because i want to have a life and a good job not work at a burger king because i couldnt keep it in my pants.

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SEXUALITY: Undecided

My name is jose and im 19 years old. Yes I am a virgin. The fact is that i dont know what i want more pussy or cock. or maybe i dont want to admite to my self that i am gay. Every time i see a hot guy pass by i seem to wounder about all the things i could do to him. Being latino and having a very conservative family doesnt help me come out. And thats why iam still a virging because i am afraid of what that will mean.

TITLE: careless

I lost my virginity with my sister. She is two years older than I am and when I was six we were forced to room together because of family living conditions. Sis always wanted to be and wished she was a boy while I wanted to be (and still do)a girl in all ways except for having a vagina instead of a penis. Up until sis was 16 and I was fourteen we used to play with each other both physically and vocally. We had no secrets. With Moms approval I dressed as the daughter and sister as the son. I was playing with my sisters pussy not to long ago and she asked me to go all the way with her. I couldn't believe my ears because we often said that was taboo, everything except sexual intercourse. Before she would change her mind I had her shorts and jockstrap off and while still in my lingerie I entered her vagina all the way. When she would masturbate me I thought I would never stop ejaculating but this time when I unloaded I was sure I would never stop. We completed the experience twice more that night.

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