Have you ever tasted your own semen?
If so, what did you think of it?

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SEXUALITY: Heterosexual
GENDER: Female
TITLE: Anonymous

 i love making my husband eat his sperm. the 1st time was the most exciting because it came as a complete surprise. he came in me, and as usual he rolled over and went to sleep. not being satisfied, i lied awake and started playing with my self. his cum started leaking out and got all over my fingers. then i got this nasty thought. my husband always sleeps on his back, mouth wide open,snoring. tonite was no different. he had been a sleep for 1/2 an hour. i started stroking his penis and balls. he got a full erection but never woke up. then i started placing finger fulls of his cum, from my pussy into his mouth. to my amazement he started to stir, but all he did was swallow his cum. this totally excited me. i kept carefully feeding him his cum. if he stirred to much, i would stop. but after he started snoring again, i would feed him some more cum. this went on until i could get no more. in the morning, he woke up as normall. i asked him how he slept. he said great. i said you must of had quite a dream last night because i caught you playing with yourself. really he said, thinking nothing of it. that night i had to do it again. we had sex and again he went to sleep. i fed him another load. same thing. so the next night when we had sex i pushed my luck. after he dropped his load in me, i asked him to go down on me and make me cum. at first he just started to lick around my clit, so i reached down and grabbed some cum and placed some on my clit as he was licking me. to my amazement he never said anything and actually started licking with greater emphasis. i pushed him down. he took the bait and started licking everwhere. tongue ____ me i said. sure enough he did. wow what a cum slut my husband had become. afterwards i said that was the greatest, how do you feel about eating cum. he said, it was great, not sure why, but it taste like something i have eaten before and i actually find it a turn on. i laughed. he said whats so funny. i then told him how i gave him his midnight snack over the last few days and i am so happy you love eating cum, it is such a turn on. he didn't no what to say other than this better be our little secret. that night when we had sex i sat on his face, and the cum just poured out of me and he eagerly eat it all. when they talk about wet dreams, my husband dreamed in 3d.

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SEXUALITY: Heterosexual
GENDER: Female
TITLE: Anonymous

 i have made all of my lovers eat sperm forever. when i was 16, i caught my 18 year old brother jerking off. he was so embarrassed, and begged me not to say anything. i said ok, but only if you let me watch you finish what you started and then lick it up. he said no way. i said no problem but be prepared to be bugged tomorrow at school. ok,ok he said you bitch. well get at it, spank that monkey, cum in your hand and lick it up. i am now 30 and i have had numerous boyfriends and have been married for 5 years. i have trained everyone of my lovers to eat their sperm. they all learned to love it, to the point where they just know that after cumming they must eat it. i have told my husband about this, because he is good friends with 3 of my previous lovers and he gets a good kick out of dropping hints around the wives about how their husbands likely enjoy eating sperm. when he does, i give the old lovers a little wink and lick of my lips. they know my husband knows about their cum lapping past. one came up to me and said he still loves to eat cum from his wife. just knowing i have changed peoples eating habits gives me such a thrill. my husbands favorite way to eat sperm is from my pussy, but when i am having my period and out of sex commmission, i enjoy having him jerk off into his hand and watch him use his thumb and fingers to scoop up strings of sperm and hold it 6 inches above his head and watch him catch his sperm and eat. girls its easy to teach your boys to eat there own sperm and after years of teaching men i am convinced they all men can be inspired to eat sperm. for me, i don't like it but i sure do enjoy the power of manipulating the habits of men to eat their own forbidden fruit. as far as my brother goes, we got into a family reminising night one time when he was over with his wife,(also one of my dearest friends) and being drunk, i told our little secret. his wife said no way. i would love to see that. i laughed and told her about all of my lovers. my brother and her looked at my husband and said no way. well the family secret was out. my brothers wife said guess what you will be having for a midnite snack tonight. with that she grabbed him by the crotch and took him upstairs. when they came down, there was a little still on the corner of his lip. i laughed pointing at it and said its great to be 18 again. his wife said, he will be 18 forever. i did it again. girls - you don't know what you are missing. make your boys eat their fruit.

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SEXUALITY: Heterosexual
TITLE: bob

I usually cum in shot glass and drink it right away. I also enjoy cumming on Jello or pudding and eating it. The contrast of the warmth of the cum and the cool Jello is great. My cum is really thick and does not have much taste. I also like to save multiple cumshots in the shot glass and freeze them. I have found the 5 loads makes a pretty good sized frozen cube. It feels great to let it melt in your mouth while you jack off.

SEXUALITY: Heterosexual
TITLE: jono

I have swollowed my cum and love it,although I never seem to swollow a full load,I will try cuming in a condom and swallow it,I would love to suck a guy off and I'm pretty sure I would swallow otherwise whats the point,need to find someone with nice fat cock,hopefully will be a heavy cummer ,dont even mind slightly smelly cock,prob be a turn on only ,thing I am worried about is healh issue's

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SEXUALITY: Heterosexual
TITLE: rick

I have eaten my own only after learning to get past the feeling of losing the urge. This in of itself was a difficult phase but I must admit once I did eat a few loads I really got to like it and look forward to the reward when I cum a nice load. I think all guys want to do this but most are ashamed to admit it. I would even consider sucking a d/d free cock to full completion.

TITLE: jono

I do like my own sperm but urge to swallow full load goes after I cum ,yesterday I came in a condom and still couldnt bring myself to swallow my cum,but 30 minutes later the thought of swallowing my sperm which lay in a tied off comdom turned me on so much I ran to my bedroom ,cut top of condom off and swollowed the lot ,even though it was a bit cold ,I guess urge for some kind of sexual activity must return before most guys swollow their cum,really want to suck another mans cock,guess I will ,sooner rather than later.

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SEXUALITY: Heterosexual
TITLE: neverenough

I have been eating my own cum for many years now. I just love the tast of fresh warm caum. I've fantizised about sucking another mans cock but untill last night, I had never touched another cock. Anyway, last night I sucked 8 cocks dry. It was amazing. I took each one deep down my throat. Sucking and throating these cocks was so good. I loved the feeling of a big stiff cock down my throat. It was much easy than girls make it look!. Within about 1/2 hour I eat 8 loads of cum. At one point I had 4 loads in my mouth at once. The cum was so good, I could not get enough. When I finish all 8 I went and eat my own. Unfortunatly, I'm not sure I will ever have this oportunity again. I would have sucked another 8 cocks dry if I could have. I just love eating cum. I can never seem to get enough.

SEXUALITY: Heterosexual
TITLE: skipper

yes i have and i love eating cum.I once gave a friend of mine a blow job in the woods at a golf course. He was laying on a blanket we brought and i was sucking his cock when out of the corner of my eye i noticed a couple of women golfers looking through the bushes. It turned me on and i wanted to show them what a great cocksucker i was so i really started to suck that big dick.when he finaly started to cum i took it out of my mouth and the cum started to sguirt out of his dick. there was a big pool of it on his stomach and some of it ran down by his cock and balls. By this time i noticed that there was four women watching me and i really got turned on more so i started to lape it all up, showing them how i loved to suck cock and it cum. I cleaned it off of his cock and balls, and the women looked shocked.

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TITLE: dandy

 I told my wife of my fantasy to watch her get _____ by another man. At first she did not want to try it but after a couple of years she asked me if i was serious about watching her _____ another man and i said yes. We have been married for 35 years. She said she worked with a guy about 40 years old and would like to try it with him. I told her to have him come over and that i wanted to watch everything from beginning to end. I also said that i wanted her to make me suck his cock while she watched and she said ok.Well she had him come over and we all had a couple of drinks and i asked him how would you like to _____ my wife mark and he said yes so we all went into the bedroom. He began to kiss my wife and rub her breasts. She is 60 years old but still haas a nice body. Icould see she was gatting hot. She told mark to take her clothes of so he started with ner blouse . You could see her nice cleavage. then he unhooked her bra and her beautiful tits fwere exposed. I told her to feed him her tits and let him suck them while she looked at me. While he was sucking her tits she looked at me and winked. Then she told him "i want to get _____ real bad, please _____ me mark".He took her slacks and panties off and then his close. By this time i was wanking away at my own cock. When he was naked to my surprise she told me to cum by the bed and get on my knees. She tol mark to get in front of me and she told me to open wide and that i was going to suck marks coco untill he camein my mouth.While i was sucking his big beautiful ccock she got the polaroid out and started to take pictures. when he was about to cum she told me not to swallow yet. He gave me a big mouthful and she told me to open my mouth so you could see all the cum.Then she told me to roll it around in my mouth. Ann then to swallow it every last drop. I gladly did htis and then she took another picture of my open mouth to show that i ate every last drop.Shten told me to thank mark for letting me suck his cock.Mark then proceeded to _____ my wife while i watched. Before mark left that night i told him whenever he needed a good blowjob just stop by and my mouth would be his for the night and i would be his cum slave and would do anything he wanted. Well i ges my wife showed the pictures of me to the women at work and one of the guys found out about it, so one Friday night the doorbell rang and my wife answered it. All i heard her say was HI mark. In walks mark and two of his buddies.Mark said remember what you tol me about being my cum slave?. I said yes and he said that i was going to suck all of ther cocks tonight.I said i don't know and my said to stary sucking because you know how you love to suck. I said iwould suck there cocks on one condition. That before they left that night they would have to jagoff and all come in my mouth at the same time while my wife watched. Ant they did and it was great.

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SEXUALITY: Heterosexual
GENDER: Female
TITLE: undecided

my boyfriend is into eating his own cum. he loves to have sex, and then go down and suck the contents from my pussy. when he first shared his fantasy with me, i thought he was gay or something, but his ability to get me off by eating my pussy has been enhanced because he truly takes great pleasure and pride in cleaning me up. i know he is not gay, but i think i might surpise him this christmas with an old boyfriends load. not sure if i want to take this cum eating thing to the next level but the thought of having my boyfriend eat an old boyfriends load is turning me on.

SEXUALITY: Heterosexual
TITLE: busted

 i got busted, i was secretly searching the web about my fantasy about eating my own sperm and like most of the straight men, i lose the urge to eat it right after coming. my wife went on the web site and discovered from the history of searches that i frequently land on your site. she sent me an email at work with your address on the subject line and i knew i was busted. when i got home that night my wife was standing in the kitchen with only an apron and high heels. when she saw me she said how long have you been keeping that dirty little secret from me. i said i don;t like to eat sperm, its only a fantasy that quickly disappears after cumming. she quickly replied that she has spent all afternoon reading the responses and she is so turned on just thinking about making me eat sperm that tonight and everynight your fantasy will come true. she came over dropped my pants and started giving me a blowjob. when i came in her mouth she stood up and let the contents pour onto my dinner plate. she then added the rest of the dinner on top. now that will spice it up and make it easier to eat she said. my head was swimming. she poured me some wine, lifted her apron and showed me her shaved pussy. something she has refused to do for the 15 years we have been married. tonight this is your desert but i have been waiting you to cum home with the cream to make it perfect. i have never seen her so worked up. now eat she said as she mixed my potatos into my cum. she brought the fork to my lips. eat, eat before it turns cold. this was my first taste of sperm, mixed with potato. i didn;t mind it, but i did take a sip of wine to cut the taste. anyway i ate my dinner. we retired to the living room where my horny wife came over and asked me to play with her pussy. when you are ready for your desert, let me know. this was last friday night. my wife has been horny all weekend. we had sex 5 times, with me eating all 5 loads. when i left the house this morning, she said she will plan a special dinner that requires a special sauce. not sure if i like eating sperm yet, but my wife's new found love for creative sex is something i am enjoying so the trade off is worth it. i wonder what will be next.

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TITLE: Helkern

One thing I don't understand is, why are guys who have sucked dick and like having loads of cum to swallow from othe guys, write that they're straight. If you like making Bjs to another man's penis that means you're Homosexual. I udnerstand sucking your own manhood or swallowing own cum is ok, just beacuse it is your OWN and it's a kind of masturbation, but seriously....

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