Have you ever tasted your own semen?
If so, what did you think of it?

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TITLE: Klein

I have tasted it.. I was about 13. I really hated it.. I prefer men over women but for some reason, my own cum was an extreme turn off. sure I like the scent and the texture even, but once I did a little auto felliato. bent myself over as much as I could. I couldn't blow myself, but I shot straight into my mouth. I gagged, about choked. I hated it, it actually made me sick to my stomach and nauseated... I know that your diet affects the flavor, and thats probobly why mine tasted so bad, but the heat of it plus the texture is just not something I enjoy.. I guess this is one thing thats influenced my dom side. if my sub cant eat my cum, I usually force them or teach them to enjoy it.. but me... erk.

SEXUALITY: Heterosexual
TITLE: charles

I'm a cronic masterbater, but most of the time I'll cum in an empty film tube and save it for later. After about 4 or 5 loads, I'll get my wife good and hot and inject the whole load in her then eat. SHE LOVES IT, I LOVE IT, everybody wins. I've been eating my own cum since the first time I ever masterbated when I was 12 yr. old.

TITLE: baldy

yes, I love the taste of my own cum. The first time I had a girl friend give me a blow job and she kissed me with just a little bit on her lips. I waited for a long time before I tried it by laying on my back and masturbating in my face it was kind of good The nes=xt time I got part of my penis in my mouth and it was so much fun that I did it quite a bit when my wife was not there

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SEXUALITY: Heterosexual
TITLE: Revol

When I was in my early 20s and more limber I would get into a bicycle position and suck myself. I liked the feeling of my mouth on my penis more than my penis in my mouth if that makes sense. I keep a very open mind, yet I can't say that I really enjoyed the taste of my own cum, moreso I didn't like the feeling of it as I swallowed. However, I have always enjoyed the aroma.

TITLE: toby

The first time I tasted my own cum was when I was about 28, six years into my marriage. My wife wouldn't swallow my cum after giving me a blowjob and wondered how bad could it be. So the nexxt time I masturbated I decided I was going to try it and see. I shot my load onto my stomach and chest, slid my finger through it and stuck it in my mouth. It was so warm and tasted just like it smelled. I had heard that cum was salty but mine wasn't at all. Needless to say over the years I continued trying it and love it. I'll find that if I eat lots of fruit several days before masturbating my cum is sweet. I don't eat it all the time but when I do, I lay on my back, throw my legs over my head and jerk off into my mouth. It feels great to feel it shoot into my mouth and down my throat. My fantasy now is to taste another man's cum to see how different it tastes from my own.

SEXUALITY: Heterosexual
TITLE: Curious

I have tasted my own cum a few times but after I have an orgasm I usually lose interest right away. I have on occasion forced myself to take a finger lick but it was kind of strange tasting. I have licked my precum many times and love to taste that. I just wish I could taste my cum when I am still hot and have not come to a orgasm yet.

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TITLE: SugarCrisp

My first time was in a bowl of cerial . I was alone in the morning and sitting at the table naked and horny , playing with myself while eatting my cerial . Half way done , I could not hold back and stood up , blasted all over my breakfast . Then sat back down and finished the rest , still hard . Love the taste so much that I do it a lot ! Great on toast too ! Then a few years later I got a chance to suck my friends rock while my wife was sleeping . He was so hot as were watching pornos , that he started rubbing himself . I looked at him with a smile and said "hey let's get naked" ! We did and masturbated together for a bit , then ended up in a 69 . I came first as he swallowed my load , then he came seconds after as I swallowed too . We heard a noise and quickly got dressed as my wife yelled down the stairs not make so much as she was trying to sleep ! Love it so much that we got together many times while my wife was in bed ? I have move away now but still have my extra special breakfast ! Years later now and I still do it once week while my wife watches me eat !!!

SEXUALITY: Heterosexual

I have been a heavy masturbater for several years but I had never tasted semen until recently. I always thought it was a disgusting thing to put in the mouth. Then one day as I was on this site reading the masturbation techniques and watching how to do them I got a grand and glorious hard-on. Then I read this page and I started masturbating in my pants trying to do some of the methods as they were shown on that other page. When I started to cum I reached inside my jeans and whipped it out just before I cum in my hand. I smelled the slick clear juice and decided to taste it. I stuck my finger in it and put it on my tongue. It was alright so I put a little more and tried it again. Then I licked my hand and swallowed it all. I have not done it since. I just wanted to try it once out of curiosity. Man I love this site. I have learned more in the last couple months than in all the rest of my life. I had no idea that other guys did all these things I read about.

TITLE: dollar385

I started tasting my cum soon as I could come.I eventually began giving myself head, (after doing many stretching exersises) there is nothing better to swallow and feel your own load cuming in your mouth. My most memorable experience was my partner (at the time) had me lay on my back, my legs tossed backwards behind my head, while he had anal intercourse with me,I was giving myself head, I shot my load in my mouth, and he shot his load inside of me, he pulled out, and kissed me till I gave him everthing I took in my mouth. I love cum and usually only go for the straight guys, because they really appreciate a blow job well done.

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SEXUALITY: Monosexual

I never waste a drop of my semen - I eat it all. Usually I eat it fresh from my Cock, but sometimes ejaculate into a container and save it for later- aged semen is just about the best thing I've ever tasted. As a committed solosexual, I do not simply choose to eat my seed - I need to eat my seed. I would never dishonor my Cock by failing to eat.

TITLE: no tan lines

I love the taste of my own cum. It is mostly sweet, but a bit of salt taste. I love to take the load in my hand and swixh it around my mouth. this is almost enough for there to be another load right away. My only regret is that I am not agile enough to take it directly into mhy mouth from the source.

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TITLE: Metal Snake

I'm 21yo and am very sexually experimental, I just (properly) ate my Precum for the very first time about 30 minutes ago because a woman online told me to. I've never fully eaten it B4 I've only just smelled and tasted it a little bit a couple times. I haven't tasted my Semen(Cum) yet but I wanna do it when I get a G/F and only when she tells me to do it. Once I licked the precum that was on my hand for the first time just to taste it, it was salty and slimey very much like seawater from the ocean and as I was telling her what I was doing more precum kept spilling out on my Penis so I decided what the hell and just licked it entirely off my hand which was pretty much covered and then started wiping it striaght off the Penis and into my mouth and more kept coming out for me to eat and she told me to cum but I was too busy eating my Precum and I wanna do it alot more now but I don't know if I should do it alone.

The above page is an archive of old answers.
You can submit an answer to this survey on the Main Page - Tasing Own Semen

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