What was it like the first time you had an orgasm?
Does the orgasm feel different nowadays?
Did you ejaculate during your first orgasm?

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TITLE: Hairy

My first orgasm came when I had just turned 9. I was given the job of jurnior councelor at a two week sumer camp. I was asigned to a cottage with four boys 6&7 and it was my job to see that they kept clean, brushed their teeth and wore clean clothing, etc. The boys were a little roudy and mischevious but we got along pretty well. In the course of showers and changing clothes I got to see all their little penises and they got to see me naked too. Lights were out about dusk and mostly they lay in their cots and talked, telling jokes, etc until the play of the day got to them and they drifted off to sleep.----

All went wel until the third night and something awakened me and I noticed that two of the boys were not in their bed. Of course I went looking for them and finaly found them in a group of trees behing the cottage. They were talking sort of low and I came closer to see they wre naked and playing with each other's penis. I had never seen a stiff little penis and was amazed at how long and big they were as they fondled each other. Watching for a few minutes made my penis hard and stiff too which made my undershorts I was wearing stand out and they noticed it . I scolded them and told them they had to go back to bed which they reluctantly did.----

The next night I missed them again and went to their spot to find them playing with each other. I watched as they palyed a while and they asked me to show them my penis. I was reluctant but they told me they had always played with each other and it was fun. I sat on a log and they came in front of me showing me how they fondled each other and got the tickle. My penis was about to bust but I had never shot anything but the excitement made a little wet spot at the tip. After a lot of coaxing I reluctantly took my shorts down and they immediately grabbed my penis and began fondling and rubbing it asking me to feel of each of theirs. I was so "hot" that with a lot of feeling and rubbing I got a wonderful feeling in my bottom and m y whole body tensed up and my world became centered in the head of my penis as wave after wave of contractions made me jerk but it was an intense feeling as my penis turned limp in their hands and became a little tender. I didn't kow what had happened but they did and told me in a few minutes I could do it again if I wanted to ad showed me how to rub it up and down and as they did it became stiff again and I couldn't resist letting they rub it until I got that wonderful feeling again. They wanted me to play with them and I took a stiff little penis in each hand and began pulling and rubbing on them and soon they got that feeling one at a time and jerked the penis out of my hand. ----We did it several time and I got so tired I had to go to bed and made them come with me to the cabin. The next mornig we all 5 showered together and mu penis got stiff and we all joked about it as theirs got stiff too. -----

The next night The three of us were playing and one boy was standing right in front of me as I played with his penis and something told me to put it in my mouth and suck on it. He let out a little yelp and told his friend to come and let me do his too as it felt so good. After I had sucked both boys they wanted to suck me which they did taking turns makeing me feel the tickle over and over again. It was amazing to see them suck eachother and all the penis dissapear in their mouth. -----I am looking forward to the next summer came, maybe I will get the same boys or even better some other experienced boys.

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SEXUALITY: Homosexual
TITLE: buzz

Ungramourously, the first time was in a toilet at school. I was 13 or 14 and spent most of my spare time jerking off - but never coming. This time however a most fantastic feeling kicked in somewhere around my knees and spread up my thighs to my groin and belly. I couldn't believe it: my whole body tingled and buzzed and my balls ached like they'd been stung. I dissolved when I came, shooting wads of jism across the cubicle, splattering the door. It was the best, really the best. I jerked off again three times that day and rubbed my dick literally raw - I had to borrow a dressing from one of the other boys and he saw me put it in my PJs and was curious.

SEXUALITY: Heterosexual
TITLE: paul

I had just turned thirteen. I had been talking with guys at school, and realized what the basic penis-vagina mechanics were. After gym, in the locker room, I was changing, and I had a sudden erection, in the space of a second or two. It stayed hard for an hour or so, and I had to hold my bag in front of me, which did little to hide it. Four of five guys told me to masturbate, or it would stay hard. When I got home, I went in the bathroom, and drew a bath. I had an immediate erection, that was so hard that it felt like there was something breaking in my groin. I lay in the tub, and formed my hands into tubes, and stroked downward on my penis, hand over hand, thinking that this would be like a vaginal tube. I did this for about ten minutes, and my penis started throbbing severely, the head of my penis swelled and pulsed quickly, and the veins in my shaft were pulsing as well. My whole body vibrated, thrashing the water in the tub, I felt like I was having a seizure. My penis became extremely sensitive, and the sensations were overwhelming, I was frightened, but couldn't stop. I convusively grasped my penis with both hands, and arched my whole body off the floor of the tub (fortunately I didn't put much water in) and started ejaculating. The sensations were so incredible, that they were as painful as they were thrilling, I shot three or four ropes of come up in the air, and they all landed in my hair and face and the wall behind me. I lay back, and for 15 minutes or so, my penis stayed hard, and the lightest touch was so pleasurably intense that I just had to touch it lightly with a fingertip for it to throb and pulse more than I could stand. In a half an hour, I had another erection, and now my whole groin area pulsed and throbbed and was sore from my earlier exertion, and the sensation of something breaking was much bigger. I masturbated with a conventional hand-stroke, and spent several hours, torturing myself with these new sensations. From that day, masturbating was the biggest thing in my life for many years.

SEXUALITY: Heterosexual

Our asst' baseball coach was a 17 yr old community coll. guy. We were taking a wiz together and I got a hardon. I got embarrassed but he told me not to mind it. He got a super boner and we felt each other's cock and masturbated each other. That's when I shot my first load of cum at 14, and it blew me away. We both were loaded and we jacked off each other again. We became j/o buds for the rest of the semester and I was sure happy about it.

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SEXUALITY: Monosexual
TITLE: mohairjimmy

My first orgasm occured when I was 10 or 11. I don't recall why it happened the way it did, but it sure changed things for me! I remember from a very young age loving the feel of wool sweaters and found that my mom had one which was very fuzzy and soft. During one of many secret visits to feel that sweater, I would rub it on my face and tummy, it occured to me to push it down the front of my shorts and the resulting orgasm nearly caused me to pass out. That first rush (and many more till I turned 14) was a dry run. I still use sweaters to masturbate and still love the way they feel, yet that first time was one of the best. Suppose it rates about the same as my first sex with another boy in junior high school. And, yes I was wearing a sweater during that experience, too!

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