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PS001 Q:   Are there any exercises that I could do to enlarge my penis?
A: Not really -- Penis size is a genetic factor rather than an acquired factor.

PS002 Q:   I'm confused about measuring my penis with a ruler. Am I suppose to measure where the 1 is on the ruler or before?
A: To use a ruler, you should begin measurement from the edge (beginning) of the ruler. I guess that would be the theoretical "zero", which doesn't actually appear at the beginning of rulers.

PS003 Q:   Sometimes I want to see my dad's penis just too see how I'm measuring up, but I don't know how I could ask him about seeing it. Am I gay because I want to do this?
A: (1) It does not mean you are gay because you have this thought. (2) I do encourage communication between parents and children about sex and puberty. However, your specific request might violate a comfortable boundary for your father. I don't know how comfortable he would be if he were asked to revel his naked penis. Nevertheless, it is a natural for a young developing male to be curious about how he measures up to adults.

PS004 Q:   If the average erect penis is 6 inches, why do some men have 10 - 12 inch erect penises?
A: The average male height is between 5' 8'' and 5' 10''  -- Why are some men over 7 feet tall? I guess it's just natural variation. But there are not many men who actually have 10 or 12 inch penises. That is very rare in the real world. Plus, penis size all depends on how you measure it.

NAME:   (Anonymous)
620 Q:   (1) Can you tell me what the determinants of penis size are? Please be specific, like I know you've mentioned it's about genetics, but there must be other factors as well. I'm sure my ancestors didn't all have the same penis size. (2) Do people that are generally big in body size have larger penises? I've seen guys from the gym that are shorter or overweight who have larger penises than me. I'm around 180cm tall, and I exercise regularly. I'm not overweight and my penis size is under-average (6cm unerect,10-12cm erect depending on from where I measure.)
A: Genetics is an odd thing because genes can skip one or more generations. In other words, you may not have your father's penis size or dimensions. However, you penis could be more like your great grandfather's from your mother's side of the family. Genetics are like a lottery. There are a certain amount of possibilities that can happen, but it's within certain limitations. All your ancestors did not have the same penis size. In fact, the length of your penis and width of your penis may actually come from two entirely different gene combinations from entirely different combinations of parents, grandparents, etc. As with a lottery, you end up with a certain combination of random factors that determine what you see between your legs. Keep in mind, all of your other body parts follow the same rules of genetics. All your ancestors are not the same height. Some have longer legs; some have longer arms; some have different shoe sizes; different facial features; and even different dispositions (personality and temperamental make-up). There are also genetic tricks that occur. For example, two brown eyed people can have a blue-eyed child. However, two blue-eyed people can never produce a brown-eyed child. (2) There are definitely be men that are generally big in body size and have under-average sized penises. Take a look at ear sizes of men for a moment. There are big guys that have big ears, but there are also big guys who have small ears. There are small guys that have big ears too! Penises are just another body part subject to genetic influence and growth hormones influenced by DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid), which are the molecular building blocks of heredity. To make this even more complicated, genes can be altered over the generations from natural radiation like gamma rays. This is the reason why every single person is not the same.

NAME:   jonny
621 Q:   I see a lot of different answers on penis size. I measure with a ruler. How am I exactly suppose to measure?
A: I don't know. There is no perfect way that I can find. There are many different instructions and policies on the Internet regarding how to measure a penis. Some suggest doing it wile laying down, others suggest doing wit while standing up or sitting down. Some say to measure along the top and other say to measure from the bottom (underneath the testicles). But since you can't really change the size of your penis growth, I suggest just leaving the issue of "measurement" alone.

NAME:   Jake
622 Q:   I am 14 and the penis size chart average erect penis size for me is 5.4, but mine is 5.8. But for some reason, I think that it is small. I don't know why. Do you think it's just because of a lack of confidence or what?
A: I think you have a worry and/or a fear that the majority of males experience at some point in their life. They fear they do not "measure up". Try to think about something else besides your penis size.

NAME:   (Anonymous)
623 Q:   How short does a penis have to be to be considered a chobe?
A: Chobe is a national park in Botswana. However, I think you are trying to describe a slang term for a small or maybe chubby penis. Slang terms usually do not have exact numerical definitions so your guess is as good as anyone's answer.

NAME:   Rahul
624 Q:   I am 15 yrs old and my penis size when erect is 4.5 inches, circumference is 4.6 inches, and when my penis is flaccid it is 2 inches. Is it normal? Will I be able to produce kids?
A: Absolutely. It is well within the range of a functional penis, and it may grow some more in the years to come.

NAME:   (Anonymous)
625 Q:   Is there some kind of surgery to make your penis bigger? And if so, how safe is it? I don't want my wang to fall off or anything like that...
A: The surgery methods are usually not very reliable and are also very painful.

NAME:   (Anonymous)
626 Q:   Is there any way for your penis to shrink? If so what are they?
A: Not really. If there was, we would have a page of questions and answers all about it by now. However, the penis can temporarily shrink when exposed to cool water, restrictive clothing, influenza, or moods such as anxiety or depression.

035 Q: I am 13 years old and have a 4 inch erect penis, is that normal?
A: Yes.

NAME:   t
078 Q: I am 21 my penis size is 5½ inch , I know it wont grow , I want to know if it is normal size?
A: Yes. It is normal

NAME:   (Anonymous)
097 Q:   I'm 18 and my penis is 3 inches long when erect. Is that normal for my age..and am I done growing..and when I ejaculate just a little bit of semen drips out...what is wrong?
A: If you are concerned about your development at age 18, you should seek a physician's advice.

NAME:   (Anonymous)
0100 Q:   When my penis is hard, it is about 5.9 inches and when it gets soft again it will be like 3.5 to 4 inches and then after that it will change size like it would be 3 then 2 and then 4. why does this happen and could there be anything wrong with me?
A: There's nothing wrong. Everyone is like that, but some people just don't notice it as much.

NAME:   (Anonymous)
103 Q:   Does weight lifting effect penis size at all could it make it smaller or bigger or could it make it thicker
A: No. The rumors about weight lifting and genital size are related to the reality of the side effects of steroids. Lots of weight lifters were taking steroids and experienced genital problems. However, this has nothing to do with weight lifting itself.

NAME:   (Anonymous)
638 Q:   Is it true that Black males have bigger penises than White males and Asian males, and if so, why? What about Hispanic men?
A: There are many fake and conflicting statistics on this issue, and most of them are not actually scientific. However, I can tell you that any such survey would just be an arithmetic average of the sample of men anyway. (In statistics, it's known as the "mean".) Nobody can a predict or conclude anything on penis size, based on race alone, if a few random individuals from different ethnic backgrounds were selected from a crowd of people to answer a questionnaire. For a survey like this to be done correctly, you would need thousands of men from around the world to be measured, compared, and analyzed by a professional third-party penis measurer who used standard measurements and measuring techniques. I just don't think that would be a very practical test-survey, which is probably why nobody has spent the time and money on such a pointless mission.

NAME:   anonymous male
151 Q:   I have a 6½ long by 2 inch thick penis and women seem to think its small. Why do they?
A: I don't know. You're penis is normal size. Maybe you should stop asking the women if they think it is small.

NAME:   always wondered
177 Q:   Does the Yellow #5 food coloring additive shrink your penis?
A: No, rumors about artificial coloring are all over the place. Green M & Ms also do not make a person horny.

NAME:   mike
190 Q: I am a 20 year old male with a penis confidence issue. not erect my penis is very tiny, it completely hides in the hair sometimes. erect it is 5.5 or 6 inches long, which I don't have a problem with, but when it's not erect, I hate going to use the shower room at my school because every other guy has a penis that hangs but mine just goes in a hides. I wear underwear, would wearing boxers help? is this normal? is there anything I can do about this?
A: Boxers are less restricting. However, they do not actually "lengthen" penises. There is really not much else you can do except appreciate your normal sized erections.

NAME:   jop
198 Q: I wear briefs. Could that make my penis smaller... because I think it's quite small 5½ to 6 inches and I'm 16. Will I grow more in size? Please tell me yes.
A: Briefs are more restricting than boxers, but they can't actually make a penis smaller. They might cause the penis to look smaller right after you take them off. You (or someone else using your computer) asked this same exact question before (link). As before, the answer is still the same whether you are 20 or 16. Honestly, I have no idea if your penis will grow more, but I will say "Yes" since you asked me to say it. You are already within average penis size range.

NAME:   Dave
232 Q: I heard somewhere that a man's hand is the same size as his penis. The base to the tip of the penis is the same as the middle finger tip to where the wrist bends. Is this true?
A: Well, it can be true, but it is truly only a very rough estimate at best. For me personally, if I lay down on my bed with an erection, and point my penis up towards my belly, I can hold the tip of my middle finger somewhere around the base of my penis (between where the testicles are) and the edge of my wrist (where it bends) just so happens to be about where the tip of my penis reaches. However, I notice if I move my hand up and down or back and forth while in this position, my penis sometimes feels either longer or shorter than the length of my hand (from the tip of the middle finger to the edge of the wrist). Actually, I think it was fun to try this out to see if this method of penis measurement works, but I can see how there is a lot of room for error, and this cannot be used as an exact way to measure a penis. Nevertheless, for the most part, I guess the method in your question would be true for me (as an estimate). But it may not be true for all men. -- I thought it was cool to give it a try.

This is a nonprofit public service page with no advertisements.
This nonprofit page does not sell, advertise, or endorse any penis lengthening scams, schemes, or products.

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