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NAME:   Guy
084 Q:   Does masturbating, let's say 10 times a month affect your health? Can it make you sick or drive your neurotic-system crazy? How dangerous is it? I mean a lot of guys do it. How high is the risk of getting sick (I mean here sex without other partners)?
A: Masturbating 10 times a month is within average range of male research on the topic. There are guys who do masturbate more than once daily, and they are healthy with normal lives. But if it was 10 times every day, it would be extreme and it would make you less healthy because you would have to spend so much time masturbating instead of doing other things.

NAME:   manook
102 Q:   I am 22 years old and I regularly masturbate 3-4 times a week. Recently my urethra feels swollen when I erect and burns only after ejaculation. Is this because of frequent masturbation? If I do not ejaculate I don't get any pain. Only after ejaculation I feel pain and discomfort. Why is this? I am sure it’s not STD because I have safe sex and masturbate regularly for 2 years now with no problems ever.
A: You may have just rubbed yourself the wrong way or something. But for a variety of reasons, sometimes men get minor irritations that go away in a few days. In other cases, it is a urinary tract infection (not an STD). If the pain is severe or if problem does not improve, you may wish to see a doctor for a urine test.

NAME:   Jack
108 Q:   Does masterbation have any effects on bodybuilding (internal secretion)? When a person stops masterbating and the sperm builds up, Do intense workouts somehow convert the sperm into more energy, if masterbation is completely avoided... If so does it also help focus the mind to concentrate better?
A: Some men say they prefer to hold off ejaculating as long as they can until after their workouts, but others say to have an ejaculation immediately before a workout loosens them up and enables them to focus better. Other men don't notice any difference at all. It really depends on the person. Physically speaking, it makes no difference. Psychologically and emotionally speaking, some people have their routines to either hold off or get off prior a workout. Some men feel they can re-focus the sexual energy if they store it up, while others say they find this sexual energy to be a distraction to their performance. You really have to try it both ways to find out. When I was cross-training for an upcoming season, I would sometimes not masturbate or have sex for a week and focus my energy. However, if I held off longer than a week, I became overly aggressive and very distracted and frustrated easily. (Keep in mind, masturbation and sex are the same as far as your body and brain are when it comes to these issues.)

NAME:   Marriedguy
120 Q:   My wife has always had a problem with me masterbating. Before I met her I would spend 15 minutes a day masterbating and have two orgasms a day (when I woke up and at night) we have a loving relationship however she doesn't have the sexual drive that I do. She is complacent with sex twice a week and I have never let masturbation interfere with sex when she wants it. I however want to orgasm more frequently, in fact, daily. She is disgusted by the thought that I need to masturbate and sees it as thing that a sexual predator does. I do not know what to say to this as 15 minutes a day of masturbation doesn't interfere with our life and as a result I don't "nag" her for sex. She makes me feel quite guilty that I have this desire for pleasure. Is there a resource that I can show her that explains the normality of this or is she right?
A: Personally, I think you are correct. See our editorial on

NAME:   bigred26
123 Q: I masturbate when I am sleeping after a night of looking at porn. Why do I masturbate rather then have sex with my partner?
A: This may be something you should look into with a professional counselor who can sit down with you and find out the motivation behind this preference. Unfortunately, that problem cannot be solved here. But I can definitely tell you is that this is a problem if the situation you described is how you usually are and it is causing you distress.

NAME:   Pauly
125 Q:   Why is it that almost every time I masturbate and orgasm I am so tired after I am finished?
A: Sex and masturbation both cause an increase in heart rate and breathing (respiration). The blood pressure increases and the body goes through a process that is equivalent to about a five minute run. Personally, I feel a sensation of relaxation that can make me tired temporarily, but it's not like I'm exhausted for the rest of the day.

NAME:   jackrippedher
131 Q:   After I masterbate, my testicles hurt, I'm nut just saying right after, but throughout the day sometimes. and when I masterbated one time, my penis swelled? I'm guessing that a lack of lube, but I'm still curious about why my testicals are hurting. sometimes my lower back hurts, I hurt my self a few years ago, but I'm not sure if that's what it is, has masterbation been linked to lower back complaints. if so how is it related and how do I make it quite. and how can keep my balls from hurting. keep in mind that I have only masterbated with myself, I've never had intercourse or any other kind of sex except masterbating by myself. (its safer that way)...
A: (1) You might want to try to change the method or position you are in when masturbating. If you are pounding the base of the penis too much with your hand, it can cause the testicles to be in pain. Try concentrating the motion only around the top half of the penis and the head of the penis. Sometimes just being more gentle on yourself can cure a lot of the aches and pains. (2) I'm not sure about the lower back pain. It could be due to the position in which you are laying or sitting when masturbating, or it could be from something entirely different in your life -- other than when you masturbate.

NAME:   joeshmo
132 Q:   (1) How can I quit masterbating? It's hard to just quit and rather painful. (2) Are there any kind of diseases or disorders associated with masterbating by myself? (3) Just out of curiosity, can amoxicillin cure diseases associated with sex. like STDs? (4) Can a man catch a STD by masterbating alone?
A: (1) On this website, we don't give instructions on how to quit masturbation. We feel masturbation is a normal part of life. You are correct when you say it is: "hard to just quit and rather painful". Most people are not successful at quitting masturbation forever. Some males can go a few days without masturbating (or having sex), others can go a few weeks or even months. However, most men get an overwhelming urge to masturbate after a period of sexual abstinence. This feeling is OK for a male to experience, and you can masturbate if you feel you need to do it. There is no universal rule that says you can not masturbate, and there is also no rule that says that you must masturbate. The decision is yours because it is your body. The decision should be based on what you feel comfortable with. Most males do masturbate, but some men choose not to masturbate so they simply don't do it. (2) There are absolutely no diseases or disorders associated with moderate masturbation. (3) Yes, amoxicillin is a penicillin-like antibiotic medication usually used to treat infections and illnesses caused by bacteria such as strep throat, bronchitis, pneumonia, venereal diseases (certain STDs); and ear, lung, nose, urinary tract, and skin infections. However, amoxicillin can not be used to treat all Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs). For example, HIV / AIDS  and certain types of Hepatitis are sexually transmitted diseases that can not be cured with amoxicillin. (4) There is no way a man can catch an STD or any other disease by masturbating alone. Masturbating your own self is actually the safest form of sexual activity known to mankind.

NAME:   Steve
135 Q: I masterbate almost daily and enjoy it. However the masterbation technique that I use is somewhat weird. I masterbate when my penis is not erect. I tuck my penis between my thighs and give it jerks. Its a beautiful experience but I am afraid that I would never be able to enjoy intercourse or father a child.
A: I don't think your masturbation experiences will ultimately end up causing you to be impotent or infertile. However, you seem to have noticed a difference in your masturbation method in that you are experiencing orgasm without an erection. Sometimes the way a person masturbates can prevent him from getting an erection because the technique they are using prevents the blood to flow into the corpus cavernosa within the penis. From the research I have done on this issue, there seems to be a common solution to the problem. Most likely, it will be to your advantage to change the way you masturbate if you are blocking the blood flow into the penis by squeezing it between your thighs. I wrote a summary on an article called Traumatic Masturbatory Syndrome that you should read. Although the technique you mentioned is a little bit different than what is described in the article, I think you might be able to relate to some of it. I think the title of the article sounds a lot worse than the problem actually is. I would not have titled it in such a way if I had actually wrote the article. I just wrote the summary.

NAME:   jacque
136 Q:   (1) After masturbation, my tip (lip-like) of the penis (urethral opening) swells or its not turning back to its normal size as the one it looks-like before erection, it lasts for 1-2 hours to get back to normal size. Is it abnormal to have so? (2) I pee in yellow color for the past 10 days and if I take more water it turns back to saffron color, if not, I pee in yellow color, is it an abnormality?
A: (1) Yes, this is normal and should not be a concern. (2) Water does change the color of the urine. That's normal too.
NAME:   (Anonymous)
137 Q:   My friend told me that when he masterbates, his semen was clear when he was 12, but now he's 13, and it's turning a bit white-ish. He wants to know if there is anything wrong with him?
A: No, it is normal for that to change as the male body gets older. Actually, both colors are normal at any age.

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