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NAME:   dreamy boy
183 Q:   Is it true that if I stroke my penis harder when I am trying to masturbate and if I squeeze it hard when I cum, that I will shoot my load further? Also how often does a man of 20 have a wet dream? I've had 5 in the last month.
A: (1) You'll have experiment with yourself to answer your first question. (2) Men at any age can have nocturnal emissions.
222 Q:   Can masturbation have anything to do with your penis getting smaller?
A: No.

NAME:   RSPanda
230 Q: I usually masturbate twice a week. But sometimes I masturbate twice a day. I am not very satisfied with the ejaculation volume. Could you please tell me the safe ejaculation volume. Will it hamper my married life like not having kids?
A: Ejaculation volume does not necessarily correlate with sperm count. Most of the semen in an ejaculation is not sperm. An ejaculation is mostly seminal fluids produced by the prostate gland. In other words, a man with a smaller than average ejaculation volume can be just as fertile (and sometimes even more fertile) than a man who has a large ejaculation volume. You should not measure your ejaculation volume to predict whether you will be able to produce kids. Chances are, your actual sperm count within each ejaculation is normal anyway. The average man ejaculates about one or two teaspoons of actual fluid (about 5 to 10 mL). However, ejaculations as low as 2 to 3 mL can be perfectly normal.

NAME:   18 year male
231 Q:   I am male, age 19. I started masturbating when I was 12. I used to do it almost 5 times a week. Now the right part of penis has shrunk. But I want to do masturbation. Will this shrinkage and masturbation will affect my child birth.
A: It is normal to experience some changes in the shape of the penis between ages 12 and 20+ years old. This is not caused by you masturbation. It is simply a change in the structure of your penis based on your DNA genetic code and the pituitary gland secretion of hormones that cause growth and changes in the body. Masturbation and/or changes in the shape of the penis will not affect your ability to produce children in the future.

NAME:   worried
192 Q:   I'm 30 and have been masterbating on average 2-4 times a day for the past couple of years. For the past six months though, I have been having weak erections and rarely wake up with one. My erection died on me for the first time ever with a girl a couple of months ago, which was pretty devastating. So, can over masterbation cause temporary impotence like the web pages of Herbolove suggest?
A: I have reviewed the Herbolove site several times. And I think the Herbolove website is correct in a certain respect. However, I also think Herbolove is trying to $ell their products and information with a $cary and half-true $ales pitch. The bottom line is, websites like Herbolove are out to get your dollars by capitalizing on personal concerns that most (or all) men have. I don't think herbs or gimmicks are going to fix you because you're not in a unique situation that would require such treatments. Your question and concern is a common issue among many men (teenagers and adults included).
You can experience lack of physical sexual interest when you masturbate a lot. Loss of an erection during sex is a common reaction for the body to have when it registers that it has recently ejaculated enough to satisfy the libido in the brain. However, this situation is very temporary. You could try masturbating once per day or every other day to see if your situation improves. Two, three, or four masturbations per day is an above average frequency for a young adult male. A lot of men in serious long-term relationships try to keep it down to once a day or once every other day so they can maintain sensuality with their partners.

NAME:   ice2
206 Q:   It's me again.I have been masturbating since I was 13. Is it possible to lose your hair from masturbation.(I masturbate almost every day) Please answer me, it's really important to me.
A: Sorry I missed your question before. Masturbation does not cause hair loss. However, if you are losing lots of hair at age 16, you may want to check with a doctor to see if it is due to a medical condition.

NAME:   chuck
210 Q:   Is masturbation linked in any way to prostate cancer or an enlarged prostate? If so, how? Frequency of masturbation?
A: There have been several studies in past few years that have found masturbation or sex both are beneficial to the body in that they can help to prevent enlarged prostate syndrome and possibly prevent prostate cancer. The studies usually question men with the disorders versus men without the disorders. Most research concludes that men who have ejaculations (through masturbation or sex) are less likely to develop prostate problems. The frequency of ejaculations is about 3 to 7+ times per week for the most of the healthy groups. There are no official scientific studies that I can find that give information on men who ejaculate very frequently (14 or more times per week). The latest of many studies on this topic comes from Australia: CBC News: Masturbation protects against prostate cancer: Study. This study concludes that men who masturbate or have sex several times per week (about 5 times per week on average) from ages 20 to 50 are less likely to develop prostate problems. The study seems to put emphasis on men who masturbated or had sex often in their 20s in that they tend to continue with frequent ejaculations throughout their lives.

NAME:   man jerker
215 Q:   What is the best way to get your friend to have masturbation with you? I get turned on by some of my friends, and I want them to masturbate me, and I want to masturbate them and have gay sex with them. How should I go about this?
A: I'm not sure because I don't know your friends. I would have to meet them in person to give you specific advice on how to approach them. However, I can tell you this much -- You will get better results and come across less offensive if you bring up sexual topics very gradually. Start conversations about something like masturbation and if they think it's normal, how often is normal etc. If your friend becomes turned off to the conversation right away, they probably are not ready to have that type of conversation with you or they are simply not going to be interested in engaging in those activities. Never start conversations by bragging about how much you masturbate, or how good it feels to masturbate, or by telling them you find them handsome/attractive. These types of introductions to conversations are like "dropping bombs". You don't want to drop any bombs. It's always best to be subtle and take your time so there is always a way to back out of the conversation if necessary.

NAME:   Pauly
216 Q:   Almost every time I masturbate, and I orgasm, I either curl or wiggle my toes, or even do both. What causes me to do this?
A: Tensions in the nerves and muscles occur in many men when they orgasm. This causes the muscles to contract and sometimes contract-and-release very quickly. Sometimes people may even get cramps in the legs, feet, or toes if the twitching becomes too vigorous. There is really nothing wrong with it at all. It's a relatively common way for the body to react to orgasm.

NAME:   monkeylyke
220 Q:   I'm a 21 year old male, and I am wondering if masterbation is physically and energetically draining. I have a Kung-Fu performance to do every now and again. If I masterbate the day before performing, would that be hindering my performance, or could it possibly enhance physical performance?
A: Masturbation can be physically draining temporarily. It's just like sex. It can wear you out. However, the stamina should return by the next day. A lot of sportsmen say that sex or masturbation can actually cause them to be more relaxed for their performance if they do it 16-24 hours in advance. This is especially true with men who are prone to anxiety, stress, or stage-fright. Other men abstain from masturbation when they are practicing during the days leading up to an event. But I think you should experiment to see how your body reacts to it. Some men need more time than others to recover stamina after sex or masturbation. Other men recover within a couple hours and have just as much stamina as ever.

NAME:   wondering male
221 Q:   I started to masturbate about 7 years ago. I am now 31 years old. I used to masturbate 2 times a day. Now I find that I can masturbate 4 times a day. I might be addicted. I am now looking to start a serious relationship with a woman. What can I do to slow my masturbation down? Will this affect a relationship? Is there a chance that I will "wear" out and not be able to have kids?
A: I think you have to wait until you are actually in a relationship before you label yourself addicted or dysfunctional. It is rare to begin masturbating at age 24. Most men have been masturbating for a number of years by that time. I think that since you started late, you might be over-analyzing the whole situation because you have the intellectual capacity to do so at age 31. Most men who have been masturbating for only seven years are still teenagers, and they really don't think too much about it. It might be possible that your body just has to catch up with your mind in the next couple of years.
Just relax for now. Once you start a "serious relationship", all of your sexual urges may be completely redirected. You won't "wear yourself out" as far as fertility and fathering children is concerned. Each man produces enough sperm in his life to literally re-populate the entire world. In other words, 99.999999+% of a man's sperm is wasted anyway -- either though nocturnal emissions (we dreams), masturbation, or protected sex.
Having said all that, you may want to find something else to do besides masturbate four times a day. I'm not sure how much total time in hours/minutes you are spending masturbating each day, but surely you can find something else to do part of the time. Maybe you can just do it once or twice a day for now? See for more on the topic.

NAME:   dumdum
224 Q:   Is soap a good lubrication to use when masturbating? If not, what else should I use?
A: Some men complain that the chemicals in soap causes the tip of their penis to have a burning sensation. However, this burning sensation is temporary and tends to subside within about 10 minutes to an hour. Other household lubricants you can use are cooking oils (olive oil, corn oil, vegetable oil, etc.) Baby oil, Aloe hand lotions, and various skin moisturizers can also be useful as lubricants. Some men use Vaseline, but keep in mind that Vaseline is petroleum based and should never be used with a condom during intercourse because it can damage the condom. Also, a lot of men don't like Vaseline because it is too thick. The really good lubrication products are sold in specialty stores. They usually have a wide selection of lubricants for all different sex and masturbation methods.

NAME:   need help
225 Q:   My wife has caught me several times masturbating and feels like I have been cheating on her. I love her very much but now she wants to end the marriage. What should I do?
A: Ending the marriage over masturbation is not the answer. Statistics show her next husband or boyfriend will masturbate also! See our survey

NAME:   Sonu
236 Q: I am 18 yrs old, when I masturbate, clear liquid appears after 10 - 15 seconds, I stop there and cannot go further, should I force, what will happen next.
A: I'm not sure you should "force" anything. The clear liquid may be what most people call "Pre-cum", which is pre-ejaculatory fluid. You need to do what you feel comfortable doing. However, I would recommend reading the Stop-and-go method page.

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