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MP1 Q:   I'm 21 years old and in the Marine Corps. Recently, I got back from a training deployment. I hadn't had sex or masturbated in three weeks. When I finally had sex with my girlfriend, I ejaculated loads of sperm, and my orgasm was very pleasurable! Is it common to ejaculate a lot more sperm the longer you abstain from sex or masturbation?
A: Yes, but only up to a point. After a few days, the body has natural ways of releasing the extra semen and sperm. See question below.
MP2 Q:   I'm 28, and tomorrow my wife and I will try for the first time to make a baby. I have not had sex or masturbated for a couple of weeks, so I am getting pretty horny. I can feel my testicles full of sperm. When we have sex tomorrow, will this increase the chances of conception? Also, what is the best position for us to get in to conceive? Do positions that allow me to penetrate deeply make conception more likely?
A: 24 to 72 hours will allow a man to reach full sperm/semen capacity. Depending on the shapes and weights of your bodies, certain positions may be more desirable for deeper penetration. However, it will not really make much of a difference if this is your first attempt and conception. Unless you are having problems conceiving a baby, just have sexual intercourse in any comfortable position. If you do encounter problems with fertility, see a specialist for advice on sexual positions, sperm count, ovulation calenders, and how to decide the best time to have sex. Otherwise, just have fun while you work on making the baby.

MP3 Q:   I am 21 and masturbate once a week. I abstain as long as possible to increase my ejaculation and pleasure. My right testicle hangs lower and is slightly than my left one. Is this common? When I am highly aroused, and my testicles are swollen, my right testicle feels a lot more pleasurable when I massage it. Is it because it has more of my sperm in it than the other one?
A: Sperm are microscopic. The mechanisms that produce the sperm are what you feel inside the testicle. There are many tiny tubes where sperm are born and where they mature. Sperm can be temporarily stored behind the prostate in the seminal vesicles.
It is normal for one testicle to be slightly larger than the other or to hang lower than the other. Rarely are they exactly symmetrical.

MP4-5 Q:   I am 23, and I'm REALLY hairy. I have hair all over my chest and back, and my legs are covered in it. Is it normal for a guy my age to be this hairy? Last week, I had sex with a girl who seemed really turned on by my body hair, and her enthusiasm over it made my orgasm better. But not many guys on my soccer team have body hair like me.
A: I know a guy who has somewhat of similar problem. They use cream bleach to lighten the excess hairs because shaving the hair can make it itch. However, you would have to have a light complexion for this to work. I'm not sure what your skin tone is. Cream bleach can be purchased at CVS drug stores.
Follow Up Q:   I wrote to you asking if it's common to have LOTS of body hair for a guy at my age (23). I don't think cream bleach will work for me since I have a dark complexion. I have to shave at least twice a day to keep my beard from growing out, and it gets really annoying. Since I recently had wonderful sex with a girl who liked all my body hair, I'm starting to think I should just enjoy it. Do you think I should stop shaving and grow my beard out? Does all my body hair mean I produce more testosterone? Do girls like having sex with hairy guys more? If so, I'll never shave anymore.
A: Hair growth is more of an inherited factor, which can come from parents, grandparents, or ancestors. Testosterone plays a role in hair growth but it affects more of when rather than how much or how thick hair will be. I think you should just enjoy your hair since especially since your girlfriend does. If you are dark complected, it probably does not look bad on you at all. You'll have experiment with your beard before you find something you feel comfortable with. You may want to grow a partial or full beard if shaving continues to be bothersome.

MP6 Q:   I know someone who has been diagnosed as missing his vas deferens. Apparently he was born without it. Is this rare and can you tell me anymore about it?
A: It is rare, but it is possible. There's not much more to say about it. People are also born without arms and legs or kidneys, etc. everyday.

MP7 Q:   What happens to a males penis in cold water? I thought it was supposed to shrink, but my boyfriends seems to get an erection. I have noticed this on other people as well. Is this normal?
A: In cold or luke-warm water (under 98º F), the penis and scrotum do shrink in the absence of sexual arousal. However, if the person is sexually aroused and an erection occurs, that would be an exception to the water-penis shrinkage rule. Depending on the person, any number of things can cause sexual arousal, including non-sexual things such as the feeling of water on the body.

MP8 Q:   I am 32, and I've never had a wet dream. I want to have one to see what it would be like. How many days do I have to go before I'll have one? It's been about a week since I last ejaculated. When I have one, will I wake up in time to enjoy it, or will I just wake up to semen stained sheets? Are they fun?
A: You have probably had them but they dried up before you woke up. The semen may or may not stain.

MP9-10 Q:   I'm 19. When I was born, one of my testicles was still in my body. I had an operation when I was first born. Now I have one testicle that has dropped and the other hasn't. I masturbate once or twice a day, I have an orgasm alright and I can cum. I'm just wondering wether this is going to affect the testicle what hasn't dropped?
A: The undecended testicle is a question for a medical doctor to answer. It is something you will need to ask about since you had previous surgery. In my opinion, if you are age 19 and sexually mature enough to masturbate and ejaculate, you really should have seen both testicles descend by now. However, this is something that has to be examined by a professional in person. You do not have to mention your masturbation when you ask about this. Masturbation isn't going to affect the situation. However, a testicle that remains in the abdominal cavity is not something that should be ignored.
Follow Up Q:   You replied to a previous message saying that a testicle that remains in the abdominal cavity is not something that should be ignored, before I consult a doctor could you tell me why it could be a problem? The scar I have is actually on the side where the testicle is attached.
A: You need to see your doctor for these questions. I don't know your medical history. I have no idea about the scar either. I am an expert only in the psychological aspects of sexuality not medicine. This is not a medical website. Sorry I cannot help more.

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