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M1 Q:   I have my superficial veins prominent on my penis moreover I think that masturbation has affected my penis so I went to a doctor for but he prescribed antidepressant to me and told that u are depressed there is nothing wrong in your penis ? I always go to bathroom and see my penis in the mirror, I don't know what is the exact problem ?why is this situation with me, is it because of masturbation ..
A: No, it is because you are looking at your penis all the time. You are becoming obsessed with it. It's normal to have veins in the penis.

M2 Q:   Here in Pakistan, there quacks they tell you that masturbation weakens your sexual system. They give drugs for it to recover your sexual system. Are there right or wrong?
A: Drugs to "recover" your sexual system are probably hoaxes. Masturbation can temporarily make you less interested in sex. However, after a day or two, the body naturally rebounds by itself.

M3 Q:   I have been masturbating for a while now, and sometimes it sort of gets boring. I have been exploring different techniques, but none of them seem to really fulfill what I want. So I was trying to experiment with masturbating with different objects I could find. I read a couple techniques for this, but none of them seemed to work that well. So I started experimenting with putting things up my anus... I started with my fingers, but that was a little boring. Recently I experimented with a marker, and that wasn't much difference. I was thinking about moving up to a banana or something, since I cant really go out and buy any type of toy such as a dildo or vibrator or virtual vagina or anything. So my first question, is this safe, my second question, what sort of lubricant should I use. I used soap one time, but it stung for about ten seconds... the stinging went away, but I stopped using that soap. I tried another type of soap, and it didn't sting at all so I have been using a little bit of that. Is that safe?
A: Soap is OK, but like you said, it can sting. Usually cooking oils are safe lubricants and they tend not to sting as much as soap. Bananas and other fruits or vegetables won't kill you and any harm/pain would be temporary. Try to avoid markers, chap-sticks, lipsticks or other objects that have a lid. The lid can come of and get lodged inside your rectum. Obviously, avoid all sharp (non-smooth) objects too. Wood objects are no good because they can splinter. Painted objects can flake and cause irritation. I've also heard a few horror stories about plastic soda bottles also because the vacuum created when the bottle was squeezed tended to cause it to get stuck in the anus. (However, poking a hole in the bottle does solve this problem.) Nevertheless, bottles are generally not a good idea because they are not smooth at the top.

M4 Q:   My wife is four months pregnant with our second child. I have always enjoyed having sex, but lately she doesn't feel like having sex at all. I understand this, but I wonder if I should not masturbate until she feels better, or go ahead and relieve myself now. It's already been two weeks since I last ejaculated, and I am really sexually frustrated.
A: I think you should feel comfortable to masturbate if you so choose.

M5 Q:  I have my marriage after one month , I have masturbated for about 15 years .. I m very much afraid that if failed because I have masturbated a lot, should I consult a doctor before marriage if it needs any treatment or no need ?
A: Moderate masturbation does not need doctor consultation.

M6 Q:   I recently masturbated using the Stop-and-Go technique. I masturbated for hours before ejaculation, and I kept pausing when I felt like I would have an orgasm. When I finally ejaculated, not only did I ejaculate more sperm, it was much more milky colored and less gooey than usual. If you ejaculate after prolonged arousal, does this make you ejaculate more seminal fluid with the sperm?
A: It is possible. However, this may not be the case for everyone.

M7 Q:   My girlfriend is upset that I masturbate while I look at pornography. I think this is a valid complaint though I enjoy it quite a bit. Is this common?
A: Why Husbands / Wives / Partners Masturbate --- This editorial is the only info I have related to the topic. Too much porn is not good. It can make your partner jealous and it can make you superficial or self-centered. However, you and her need to compromise so you can both be happy. Maybe if you use porn more discreetly, include her in on the watching of male-female porn, and/or just look at porn less often, it may solve your problem.

M8 Q:   Does masturbation has any effect on the efficiency of testicles?
A: Not really. The difference between masturbators and non-masturbators is very little in the few tests I have seen done on the topic. But one test did indicate the testicles of the men who masturbated regularly were slightly (very slightly) larger than those who did not masturbate. Personally, I think it would all be about the same difference in reality.

M9 Q:   I have been masterbating regularly since I was 14. I am 25 now. I used to do it nine times a day till I was 20, but I cut down to three times a day until now. I just noticed I can't barely do it once lately. My balls are always soft, and multiple orgasms are a thing of the past. I think I used it all up. My balls just hang there and never go up, so basically I have used it all up. The doctor said I am fine. Is there any hope for me?
A: I think you are fine. There is no need to masturbate three to nine times in a day. Try doing it just once a day or once every other day. There is no such thing as "using it all up", but there is such a thing as "growing up". Maybe your mind and body has just lost interest in masturbating all the time like you did when you were younger. This may be a good indication that you should expand your interests into other non-masturbatory and non-sexual activities at this point in your adult life.

M10 Q:   I masturbate often (2 times a day). I know nothing is wrong with that. But whenever I try to stop masturbating by delaying my orgasm. I always move my penis with my penis muscles. Can this damage my penis? Is this the reason why I'm so small?
A: Flexing the internal muscles that cause the penis to "move" does not cause damage, and it does not affect the size of your penis.

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