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412 Q:   Sometimes after masterbating, I start getting a little pain in my testicles and it stays there for hours or a day or two. However I ejaculate fine. I was just wondering if its normal? Also, does it also decrease your sex drive if you masturbate more often... like once daily?
A: It is normal to have some pain, but not severe pain. Masturbation can decrease sex drive temporarily.

NAME:   Ben
413 Q:   I have been masturbating about three times a day since a few months ago. Recently, I noticed that there is a growth (kinda like pimples but it is bigger) just below my penis. I am scared and confused. Is this the effect of masturbating too often?
A: Masturbation in and of itself will not cause growths or pimples below the penis. However, the conditions surrounding the masturbation can be causing skin irritations or clogged pores. Try to change your masturbation method and keep the area clean. Masturbating three times a day is not fatal and is not going to cause irreversible damage. However, constant skin-to-skin contact can cause irritations, blemishes, chafing, and/or swelling. If your condition does not improve in a few days, you might want to see a doctor. You don't have to mention your masturbation at all during a doctor's visit.

NAME:   Joe
414 Q:   Does masterbation make people skinny?
A: I personally have a theory that skinny people masturbate more often (but this is not scientifically proven). I think that skinny people have higher metabolisms, more active lifestyles, and faster acting systems, which may cause higher sex drives. However, I don't think masturbation actually makes people more skinny. Although, they say it burns as many calories as five minutes of moderate jogging.

NAME:   Jack
415 Q:   If I masturbate, do I loose weight, stamina, or energy?
A: Not necessarily.

NAME:   big boy
416 Q:   Is it normal for the head of my penis to get bigger when I masturbate? And what is a safe lubricant besides vasilaline. How old do you have to be to buy condoms to masturbate with?
A: I don't think there is an age restriction on condoms anywhere in the United States, but I'm not 100% sure. Other lubricants you may be able to find around your house are cooking oils, baby lotion, or hand cream. Vaseline is not the best lubricant because it is petroleum-based rather than water-based, which makes it quite thick.

NAME:   (Anonymous)
417 Q:   Can you tell by looking a penis wether or not that person masterbater frequently?
A: No.

NAME:   curious_george
418 Q:   When I masturbate isn't liquid supposed to come out? How come for me it doesn't?
A: It will not come out of you do not ejaculate. Maybe you are not old enough to ejaculate.

NAME:   (Anonymous)
419 Q:   I have masterbated from a very. very early age. I still continue to so today even though I am now 68.I have been happily married for fifteen years. I do not try to hide the fact that I masterbate from my wife. I have told her her that its a perfectly normal act and it does not affect our sex life. I masterbate an average of four times a week and have sex with my wife three times per week. I know this isn't in the form of a question but thought you might enjoy the comment, since so many of your readers believe that masterbation is harmful. It not only is not harmful, but very enjoyable.
A: Thanks. Why not write a personal experience story at

NAME:   King
420 Q:   Is it possible for a woman who has tried masturbation to have never thought of any guy while masturbating? She says she feels it is wrong. Is this possible? I mean I used to think girls need to think of a guy pushing his thing into her vagina or something like that -- as guys do. She also says that each of the times she masturbated, it just felt strange to her. She says she doesn't know what an orgasm is. Is it possible she has actually experienced one?
A: It is very possible she has never thought of a guy (or any other person) while masturbating. This is more common among women than with men, but it does and should happen with men also. It's actually a very healthy way of self-pleasure because you can concentrate on your own body rather than the lust for a person or a fantasy that may never happen.
She may or may not have experienced an orgasm. However, orgasms are different for women than they are for men. A "male orgasm" almost always consists of the three stages in order of (1) Anticipation (2) Climax with ejaculation and (3) Resolution. A female orgasm is more complex, takes longer to occur, and can often fluctuate back and forth between anticipation, climax, secondary climax, partial resolutions, and/or a full resolution before the woman feels she has truly completed a true "female orgasm". If she is an adult, I would recommend she research information about female body and the female orgasm.

NAME:   Jmig01
421 Q:   I'm 18 and have been masterbating daily since I learned how. Over the course of a couple years, what I've heard termed as "friction burns" have developed in a ring just below the circumcision cut. In two spots (on the left top, and left bottom) the skin has turned ash black and in the bottom left part, white skin (like a callous) but smooth, and sometimes pink developed in the middle.. more like a stretch scar. I remember as a kid when I first noticed it developing (the size of a pinhead) I tried to pop it, or pick it out like a dimple, now it is 3x-4x larger inside the black friction burn and I've accepted it. I'm worried that it will occur on the top of my penis if I continue. I've only used lubrication once or twice. I don't see why it is a necessity for everyone because it seems less pleasurable and extremely messy. But I guess I wouldn't have to worry about my situation if I did use lube. Can surgery take out burns? Or if I allow sunlight for long periods of time will this help the discoloration? I'm embarrassed to ask my MD and afraid that my situation is extremely unique (since I have not heard of any case like it) and going to a doctor would be useless. What do you think?
A: Lubrication is probably the best prevention from friction. Other than that, there really isn't too much documented science on how to handle chronic friction burns because they tend to heal on their own, with the possibility of only minor scarring. It sounds like you noticed a blister when you were younger and it then turned into a callous as you continued with your masturbation method. On the rest of the body, callouses do go away with time and with change of the activity. The penis probably isn't any different. Lubrication and/or change of your masturbation technique may help in the long term. Personally, I think a doctor or dermatologist might be able to tell you how to solve the problem faster than my suggestion. Don't be too embarrassed about it because they deal with personal and private type issues very often. Believe me, you won't be the first guy that came into their office with a penis blister/callous.

NAME:   Tizer
422 Q:   How do I explain masturbation to my 14 year old son?
A: It depends. Did he ask you about it? It also depends on if you are the mother or father.
But I can tell you this much already -- I don't really approve of parents showing their children "how to masturbate". They can figure out a masturbation method on their own. However, I do think parents can make their children feel more comfortable about masturbation by tastefully educating them about the fact that it is a realistic part of most people's lives. Also, if he is 14, he might not need much explanation on the topic. He may already know all about it from peer talk, school sex education, and/or personal experience experimentation. Age 11 or 12 is generally the time for masturbation explanations if they are needed.

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