Punishment for Masturbation

Have you ever been punished for masturbating?
Or have you heard of anyone else that has been punished or reprimanded for masturbating by a parent, partner, spouse, etc?
If so, what happened?

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Old answers for the survey on punishment for masturbation have been stored on the following archive pages:

Masturbation & Punishment 1
Added Jun. 9, 2005

Masturbation & Punishment 2
Added Jun. 9, 2005

Masturbation & Punishment 3
Added Jun. 9, 2005

Masturbation & Punishment 4
Added Jun. 9, 2005

Masturbation & Punishment 5
Added Jun. 9, 2005

Masturbation Punishment 6
Added Jun. 9, 2005
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