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Caught! What Masturbation Dad?

One day, I was at work and got off early. My son was supposedly sick and stayed that day for school alone. I went to my house, went in, and undressed to my boxers. I guess I was very quiet in doing this because my son didn't hear me. I noticed that his door was closed and I heard hard breathing noises. I went in and caught my 15 year old son masturbating to his pillow, naked. He was startled and tried to hide his naked body and his masturbation. I closed the door behind me and went in to talk to him. He quickly slipped on his boxers and sat down next to me, embarrassed. I asked him what he was doing and he said, well duh, masturbating. I told him that it was normal for a guy his age to do that. I did that a couple of times when I was his age and he has nothing to be embarrassed about for me to see him naked. We both are males and there's nothing to hide. To demonstrate that it was this way I took off my boxer and undershirt and stood before him naked. He then took off his boxer and stood before me naked. He looked at my genitals and asked if that is what his will look like when he gets older. I said yes. He then asked me the question of what is the normal size of a penis his age. I didn't know. But he asked other questions like, why he couldn't pull back his foreskin. I demonstrated how far back it could go and told him he'll be able to do it this far back once he completely passes puberty.

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Masturbation Help from My Sister

My story happened many years ago. I remember it like yesterday, it was summer and I had been masturbating at least twice a day, I started to cum that summer, before that it just felt good. Anyway, I had seen my sister, who was 2yrs older than me, naked once and a while, when she came out of the shower, and she has seen me because she used to come into the bathroom while I was in the tub. I didn't care if she saw me because we used to take baths together before. Anyway, I was outside and came in to get something and go to the bathroom. Whenever I went pee, I would play with myself. I new mom and dad were at the store so I went to my room closed the door, took off my pants and started to play with my penis and my balls. I had my knees up and apart so I could play with everything, and I was having fun when the door opened, I pulled down my T-shirt to try and cover my four inch hard-on, but new it was to late, I thought it was my mom, she used to catch me doing it a lot. But it was sis, she said I didn't have to stop as she knew I did it because I would spend a lot of time in the bathroom or my bedroom. I yelled for her to get out and, by now I was soft and could cover it up with my shirt. She came over and sat on the edge of the bed and asked me to rub it. She said she liked to see me do it and had watched me before. I liked to show off any way so I kept my legs together and let go of my T-shirt, it rode back up my tummy leaving my penis exposed and a bit of one of my balls could still be seen. Beth said I was cute and ran her hand along my leg. I told her I thought she was neat to. As she rubbed my leg, my penis got hard again. I liked the way it stood straight up and how the head was getting redder. Beth asked me to play with it, so I did. I kind of just moved my fingers over it to make it bounce around she asked me to open my legs so she could see my little balls, I did that and she played with them, it felt great. While she did that, I used my thumb and finger to rub it up and down. She asked me if I WANTED TO SEE HER and I said YES, she stood up and took off her clothes and sat opposite me with her legs under mine. I couldn't believe, here I was looking at a real girl's soft boobs and looking at her pussy with a bit of fur on the top. Because of the way she was sitting, her lips of her pussy opened up. She said she would do me and I could touch her. We sat about a foot apart and she had one hand on my balls and the other one rubbing me up and down. I reached over and held her boob and touched her pussy, and after about two minutes I thought I would pass out. When I came, it went on her hand, on her boobs, and on her pussy. She kept on rubbing me and said next time she would show me something even better. She said Mike, our friend, had shown her these things.

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My Male Masturbation Story

My first experience of finding out my penis had another job was when I went into my parent's spare bedroom and got naked. I had an erection and I was touching myself, but I didn't orgasm. As I had a strict upbringing, I was always told that playing with myself by masturbation was wrong. At school, when I was about thirteen, a friend asked me if I wanked. Of course I said no, he said it was fun and told m how to do it. So I went to the bathroom, but as I rubbed it kept getting erect which I didn't understand. I asked my friend and he told that was what was supposed to happen. He told me to relax and try it in bed. That night I did, I opened my legs and started rubbing for what seemed like ages I wasn't fantasizing but the feelings started to get for intense and amazing feeling started to overtake me and I shuddered uncontrollably and a bleeding sensation over-took my penis and I felt down to feel ejaculate over my belly. Over the years, I have developed my technique and have enjoyed many wonderful masturbation experiences. The best are when my mind is clear and focused on a fantasy story-line. I fantasize about masturbating and getting caught , being spied on, ex girlfriends, and current ones, phone, and e-mail, and chat sex. I really like getting an erection whilst walking home from work, and fantasizing as I walk past girls. When I get home, I dream of their reaction as if I had walked past with my penis outside my suit. Then I dream that they had come back with me and peeled their knickers below their knees.

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