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TITLE: He pulled down my pants

One day my girl friend approached me with a request to have me have sex with another guy.I refused. Not to long after this we broke up. Eventially I ment a Physical therapist (male).He asked if he could come over to my place one evning to drink beer.After a few beers he asked to demostrate how he could give a massage.I was asked to lie on my living room floor next to the couch.He rubbed my legs while I laid on my back.He then said that he could not demostrate on me since I had my close on. I didn`t know what to do. He then unbuttoned my button down jeans and pulled down my pants.I was now lieing on my back with my skimpy black bikini brief exposed to him. I recalled him stairing at my bulge and breathing deeply. I was nervous. He then massaged me font and back while I was wearing only my bikini brief. He asked me to get up and the nodded torward my bedroom.He walked me to my bed and asked me to remove my bikini and lay across my bed. He quickly stripped of his clothes down to his blue low rise briefs. He had a huge package in his brief. It was at least 11 inches and very thick.I had never seen such a large one. He more less forced me to jack him for a long time and then asked me to take him in my mouth. My jaws ached. He then sat up and said that he needed to put his member in somthing in order to cum. He then forced me to roll over and get on all fours. I looked up and saw myself in the headboard mirror. He saw this and pushed my head down and then started to introduce himself into my tiny pink hole. It hurt so bad that I demaned that he stop. He didn`t at first but did when he realized I was about to pass out form the pain. He then flipped me over and began to hump me.He buried his tonge down my throat and humped my balls. He violently humped me until he emptied his cum across my body ,mouth and face. He got up and left. I was shocked! I was bleeding from my butt. I occasionlly think of that night and then rub one off. My old girl friend would have been proud of me.

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TITLE: College Time

I went up to visit my brother at college for the weekend. Friday night was a blast as I got to meet all of his friends in his dorm. He was on a senior floor due to his roommates. The next night I went to shower before I was going out. The shower room was all open with only 4 showerheads. However, they are the showerheads that can fit 4 people underneath them. I was the only one in there so I felt more comfortable, rather than if the college kids were able to see my sophmore body. The hot water running down my totally smooth body felt so good I didn't hear the some of the guys come in. It turned out to be the football players that lived in my brother's dorm. They had just finished there practice and were all sweaty and muscular. And they were ready for a night of action as I could tell by their rock hard penises. They started to shower with me and then started to wash me. I let them continue because one had started to give me a ########, as another carressed my ass and whispered come with us to our room. I went eagerly with them and they locked the door behind them. It was 6 on 1 and I had the winning odds. 4 of them lifted me up onto the bed and tied me to the corners face up. the other 2 got out some condoms and vaseline. They lubed up my ass well and all put condoms on and they put one on me aswell. Suddenly, I had six, 8 inch boners prodding at my body. I had one pounding my ass, one riding my erection, two humping my legs and kissing my nipples, one pounding my face, and the other licking any exposed skin. As one cummed finished another took his place. I was the source of all their pleasure. I shot multiple times but never went soft due to all of the arousal going on around me. This lasted late into the night and into the next morning. Eventually everyone was too tired to go at it anymore so they collapsed on me. We slept late into Sunday and when we all woke up they untied me and told me if I ever wanted to do this again I couldn't say a word. I readily agreed and have made many trips to visit my brother. In 3 years I can't wait to start college!

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TITLE: First Time

My friend Mike and I had been friends ever since I moved next door to him 10 years ago. We grew up really close and talked about sex and the like, but never really acted upon anything. One night, he invited me over to watch some movies. Our parents had left that night so I was staying with him anyway. His room is downstairs and as I went down the steps I heard some moaning coming from the room with the tv in it. As I turned the corner I saw Mike jacking himself off and shoving his fist up his ass. I had caught him by surprise and he tried to explain it to me. I said that we are close enough friends and it is okay that we talk about it. He responded "in that case why don't we get at it". This is when I realized that his boner was a rock hard 7 inches. This was the first time I had ever seen an erection other than mine. He noticed me staring and said that I needed to get mine out too if this was going to work. I pulled out my 6 inch ####### and we got on the floor. We talked about how long we had been masturbating and what our favorite techniques were. We both admittied that we liked to put things up our asses so he suggested we experiment. He got on all fours and told me to bang him as hard as I could. I went full force at his hole and he yelped in pain. He said to continue however and the yelps turned into moans. I had the most intense ###### I had ever had. It was so intense that I passes out. When I came to, I had Mike's dick in my mouth and mine is his. I must have been sucking unconciously because he was as hard as ever. I just lay there in ecstacy and he played with me for the rest of the week. I can't wait till our parents leave again.

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