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This page is not intended to be a place
to report sexual abuse which you have experienced!
You need to call your local social services and police department to report sexual abuse crimes.

This page is intended to be place to report entries
from the public that violate our guidelines as stated below.

The site you have been reading is NOT a playground, an escort service, a porn site, a dating service, a message board, or a link dump. We are NOT a company, corporation, organization, or institution. The concept of the site was designed for people to read and write about raw psychological issues, editorials, surveys, and experiences. Our intention is for people to be able to anonymously read and express thoughts, viewpoints, and personal stories regarding topics that are very private. We hope to be able to study and learn about modern sexuality trends and issues. We also hope to be able to help people gain personal perspective on the scope of human sexuality by allowing individuals to anonymously publish their ideas and experiences. Ultimately, this enables individuals to gain helpful insight and a powerful perspective on their own life within the framework of how other people in society have documented their private lives. If you are new to this type of website, please review our Goals and Intentions.

We rely on our serious contributors to report violations and abuse of our publishing guidelines. If you know of an entry that clearly is in the wrong place or is overly lewd or outlandish, please take a moment to submit the details at the bottom of this page.

We do welcome all points of view (both positive and negative) on the topics of sex, sexuality, and masturbation theories and experiences. An entry should not be reported just because it speaks negatively about a certain sexual act.

The following guidelines apply to all editorials,
articles, surveys, and personal experience areas:

Proper Topic

We ask that stories be submitted to the proper sections. A good example of a violation of this rule is a sex experience story that has been posted in a masturbation topics section. Let us know about this even if the page has been archived.


We try our best to be all-inclusive of the different sexualities people may have. However, we are prohibited by our sponsors and our own guidelines to allow certain topics that undermine the integrity of this project. We do not allow articles or personal experience stories that promote or glorify the following:
(1) Rape or non-consensual sex. [Note: beastiality is non-consensual and prohibited.]
(2) Pedophillia
(3) Incest that includes adult-with-child contact.
(4) Violence.


This website does not allow certain words that are considered harsh profanity. There are some words not allowed: F*CK,  SH*T, C*NT, TW*T, T*TS, and ASSH*LE. These words usually show up as blank lines when someone tries to publish them on the site. Too many blank lines in an entry means it will be hard to understand. It should be reported here if it is difficult to read.


Absolutely no full names, email addresses, home addresses, or phone numbers are permitted. Please try not to mention ages as much as possible either. Do not include your current age in your entry. This enables anyone of any age to relate to your experiences. Anonymity also prevents the site from becoming a meeting place for predators.


Terribly careless grammar and spelling is not acceptable. But this should only be reported if makes the entry difficult to understand. We allow for a reasonable amount of errors, but we expect writers to try their best and to be coherent (not intoxicated) while writing. Please do your best to spell words correctly and use proper English grammar. This enables others to understand the entry that you took the time to contribute. You are expected to put some time and thought into your entry if you want it to remain on the page for others to read. Do not type in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS (No "Caps Lock").

Links and

No attempted links to other sites within a submit section. We have an ad service that places ads on the site, which pays for the maintenance of the site, rental of the domain, and hosting of the site. Only merchants that have been reviewed and fall within reasonable ethical guidelines are approved. Reference links may be permitted under circumstances where they are required for an article or editorial.


The purpose of this site is to document sexuality and sexual experiences in society. We do not want to present lewd literature pages. Of course, many of the stories may be erotic and sensual, but they should also describe the thought process behind the activities. We are attempting to engage in the academic endeavor of the study of human sexual psychology and sociology. In addition, we hope to help people who can benefit from being educated on the wide spectrum of sexual viewpoints, opinions, and experiences.


Questions are NOT answered unless they are on a page designated for questions.

Chat-Room Style

Chat room style back-and-forth and "one-liner" comments are prohibited simply because we do not have the space for them and they become very confusing to read. These violations should be reported as soon as possible. Contributors can offer their feelings and opinions about a previous entry by quoting part of it or describing it and then writing a reply within a new entry. Please use this "editorial" style of replying to other entries in order to prevent confusion.

Good Stories
Stay Published

Thank you for reading our guidelines. These guidelines are not laws. They are in place to help contributors maintain published on this very busy site. Stories that are well written, descriptive, in-depth, and relate to our Goals and Intentions stay published. Although we can not guarantee that any story will remain published forever, we have some stories that are over six years old. These older stories have been read by hundreds-of-thousands of people around the world.




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